Understand difference between subwoofer cable and rca cable

Subwoofer cable might connect the audio amplifier to the speaker which is specially designed to reproduce low-frequency sound signals up to hundred Hz. Based on design features of particular system, you can choose pair of the wires or RCA cable. Subwoofer might either active or passive. Suppose you are having a question about what is a subwoofer cable then it is the type of audio cable which can maximize sound quality. It is widely used for purpose of connecting any media device which might support coaxial audio interface.

To know about the difference between RCA and subwoofer cable

Subwoofer cable contains RCA connectors and it can produce intense and deep sound. The main difference between subwoofer cable and RCA cable is that subtle. Subwoofer cable is better-shielded version and higher quality version of the RCA cable. It is having the capability to transmit bass. This kind of the cable is used in the basic home theater system and certain devices where cable might become handy like satellite boxes, DVD players, and cable boxes.

On the other hand, RCA cable is identifying any kinds of the coaxial cable along with the RCA push in connections on ends. It was developed in the year of 1940 and it is carried signal from the phonograph to the amplifier. It might connect video and audio signals between components of the home entertainment systems like audio and video amplifier, satellite, cable receivers, tv screen and DVD players.

Now a day manufacturers are using RCA connector on various qualities of the coaxial cable to different applications. Electrical characteristics of the coaxial cable might depend on diameter of center conductor. In order to generate low-frequency sound, waves speaker is required large surface area or long excursion which is coupled with the high power.

If you are searching in online like use RCA cable for subwoofer then you might know about the importance of using a subwoofer. It is offering greatest benefits when it is powered by its own amplifiers. It is specially designed loudspeaker and it is useful to reproduce lowest bangs, roars, and bangs in music.

Everything to know about RCA and subwoofer cable

RCA cableRCA cable is having three color-coded plugs which extends from one end of the cable. RCA cable is used to connect variety of video and audio devices like television, camcorders and stereo to speakers. Before you plan to use subwoofer cable or regular RCA then you must know about your needs. Certain factors might affect the quality of the RCA cables such as materials, cable length, shielding and another end of the cable. Basically cable length is having a negative effect on the signal quality so you can buy the cable which is only as long as you require it to create a connection to best signal quality.


Different kinds of the subwoofer enclosures are available and most of the subwoofers are having outward facing the speaker. The best subwoofer is having adjustable level control. Gold plating connector on the subwoofer cable might improve conductivity and prevent corrosion but it might not reduce AC hum.