Let’s start with the obvious. Choosing the best cheap acoustic guitar can be a bit hard, particularly now that so many manufacturers have quality and affordable guitars. Despite the many options you can choose from, you’re likely to purchase one that doesn’t match your standards.

From classic to simple designs, different options are present on the market. What matters, however, is that you get the cheap acoustic guitar that’s also reliable and comfortable to play with. I know you wouldn’t mind testing all the guitars out there before making the final selection if it was possible. But to keep your search short, this post addresses around eight different models on the list of best budget acoustic guitars. The benefits and disadvantages associated with each of them are also indicated here.

Apart from professional recommendations, there’s a need to research. I did both and eventually these cheap acoustic electric guitars and a few others. Now, let’s look at what the list of the acoustic guitars under 200 looks like.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Jasmine S35

The Jasmine S35 is one of the most talked-about guitars with an S-body curve. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to use by any standard. It’s dreadnought shaped, the back, sides, and slim neck are made from nato. The top is spruce wood.

There’s an advanced chrome tuner which is relatively simple to use. The rosewood bridge is covered in a bone nut and saddle of 1-¾ inches. Since the strings are not durable, you may need to buy additions. The guitar is made predominantly for right-handed users. The large size creates enough roomy space to amplify resonance and send off deep tones. An advanced cross bracing is significant inclusion of the guitar.

Ultimately, the Jasmine acoustic guitar is reasonable for newbies who don’t want something that breaks the bank and still be able to practice flawlessly. The scale length is 25.5 inches while the dimensions stand at 18 X 8 X 48 inches.


  • Strong and consistent bass sound.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fair body finish (not the best).
  • Portable for travelers.


  • You need to tune it manually.
  • May also need a general setup.
  • I noticed scratches and cracks on the body. It makes me wonder if the company is entirely aware of what they deliver to buyers.

Video Jasmine S35

Jameson Guitar


If you’re a beginner looking to get started with a decent instrument the Jameson full-size thinline acoustic guitar is a good fit for you. It is highly affordable and what makes it even more appealing is the built-in superior quality. The Jameson is one of those acoustic electric guitars that offers a little more than you’d expect.

It comes with free accessories so you do need to buy externally. Whеn іt соmеѕ tо hаrdwаrе, уоu’vе gоt а buіlt-іn ЕQ аnd аn on-board ѕtосk рiсkuр. Whаt thіѕ mеаnѕ fоr уоu іѕ а brіght, mіd-rаngе ѕеt оf ѕоund wіth ѕеvеrаl аudіо ѕеttіngѕ thаt уоu саn dіаl іn аnd truѕt fоr crowd-рlеаѕіng muѕіс.

Тhе dіе-саѕt tunеrѕ hоld ехсеllеntlу. Dоn’t ѕtrum tоо hаrd аnd уоu’ll аvоіd tunіng іѕѕuеѕ fоr lіfе. Тhіѕ іѕ ехtrеmеlу іmроrtаnt tо nоtе when buying a guіtаr undеr 200 buсkѕ. Вut, hоw dоеѕ іt ѕоund?


  • Diversity of tones (high treble and bass sounds).
  • It can stay pretty much in tune for a long time.
  • Comes with extra accessories that can be very helpful for beginners.


  • It can’t withstand violent strumming.
  • It has quality control issues.

Video Jameson

Rogue RA-090


This good cheap acoustic guitar features a dreadnought body shape and size, a gig bag, mahogany (dark shade) on the sides, and back and a rosewood bridge. However, it’s also different from Yamaha when you consider the color is deep gold, the headstock and die-cast tuner take a rather vintage look – which is a plus if you’re a vintage lover.

This guitar particularly has 20 frets aligned on the fretboard. The sound quality is pretty much consistent and the vibration feels the space when you’re playing with it. Some of the recommended uses are for jamming, practicing, and recording.

Lacking portability and versatile, you may not simply take it along on road trips, events and so on. But it’s sure a great one if you want to play at home and impress your loved ones. In other words, it’s the size larger than what the average player can handle. The scale length is 25.5 inches.


  • Good sound production – quality bass and treble.
  • Likewise a possible choice for beginners.


  • There could be one or more flat notes between sounds.
  • I experienced difficulties with choosing the right case size.
  • Rare to find this guitar brand around so it might be a problem if you need spare parts.
  • It’s a ‘no’ if you’re left-handed.

Video Rogue RA-090

Epiphone DR-100


Looking for the best affordable acoustic guitar, draw your attention to this instrument. It is one of those guitars that are both beginner-friendly and at the same time suitable for players with years of experience. One thing the more experienced players will enjoy about the Epiphone acoustic guitar is the shape of the headstock. It’s tightened and helps you change the sound effect a whole lot easily. Are you left-handed? Then you should know that this guitar is ambidextrous; so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

For the price at which you’ll get this guitar, I’ll say that the sound it produces is warm and worth every dime. The Mahogany and Rosewood combination on this guitar absolutely expresses class and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the solid spruce top which is crafted to last. Another thing that is commendable about is the attention to detail in the craftsmanship. Altogether an important note is that is still one of the best acoustic guitars under 200.

One will hardly be able to tell the difference between this guitar and an expensive one because of its superior tone. I love how versatile it is, enough to play just about anything and it supports learning for new guitarists. However, I’ll rather warn new players to be careful with the sharp frets, else you might experience some pain.


  • Good sound production – an absence of buzzing.
  • If you need a back-up guitar, then this could come in handy.
  • Suits different musical genres.


  • Low-quality gig bag that tears easily.

Video Epiphone DR-100

Yamaha Fd01S


The Yamaha acoustic guitar is a great one for the money especially because it has a solid spruce top and mahogany (nato) in the back, neck, and sides. In total, the wood adds a touch of aesthetics to it. This guitar combines quality woods and fine tone at a great value with a natural gloss wood finish, rosewood bridge, and fingerboard.

It comes with a gig bag (that’s affordable), upgraded chromatic digital clip-on and tuner which is really cool. It has a dreadnought shape while the dimensions include 2 X 18.5 X 5.7 inches. To top it off, the main scale length is 24 inches which makes it portable. The strap is of decent quality but not absolutely highest. It comes with some picks (about 3 different picks), an allen wrench, and some extra string.

The tuners themselves are like chrome diecast and really good. The packaging is pretty decent and safe. The thing I like most about it is that unlike some inferior brands that bind guitar parts with glue, Yamaha takes its build layout and standards to greater heights, the FD01S is a good example.


  • A good one for starting out.
  • Remarkable sound quality – rich bass and crunchy tones.
  • Lightweight (weighs 5.15 lbs).
  • Easy and comfortable to use.


  • Not recommended for players who may want to perform on stage.
  • The quality of the bridge pins could be improved.
  • The gig bag lacks adequate padding.

Video Yamaha Fd01S

Donner DAG-1C


The Donner DAG is a buy-one-have-all guitar and that’s likely the most interesting part of it. This a whole kit with a guitar bag, strap, clip-on tuner, extra strings, bridge pins, polishing cloth, etc. The back and sides are laminate mahogany while the top is spruce wood. It has a scale length of 41 inches with a dreadnought style and cutaway.

There are 20 frets on the fretboard. One of the problems I had was out-of-key-tunes when I strummed it continuously. Another was the wood. Don’t get me wrong, the body is glossy and classy alike, but rather than solid wood, Donner uses laminated wood. I may say it’s because laminated wood is cheaper and that’s what most want. At the same time, you’d have to be ready (in a couple of years) to upgrade especially if you play frequently.

Overall, the sound is dealable, the construction is clever and Donner even as a young company is coming up through the ranks of renowned guitar manufacturers. If you want something affordable (this is one of the cheap acoustic guitars), easy to use and the product that comes with every item, then this is a good place to start.


  • Full body size.
  • Lock-key casing keeps it secure.
  • Beginner compatible.
  • Comes with a 30-days warranty.


  • Poor quality strings.
  • The gig bag doesn’t come with extra padding. It calls for more tactfulness while moving it around.

Video Donner DAG-1C

Fender FA-100


It most certainly one of the notable models. It is pretty simple and basic and is actually quite an impressive guitar for beginners. As simple as the design of this guitar, it does well to express class and quality. The top is laminated spruce, and both back and sides are carefully crafted with basswood. I appreciate the glossy finish which makes it all the more attractive. With the Fender electric acoustic guitar, you are guaranteed a secure tuning, by the set of chrome sealed tuners in the headstock. It is fully packaged with everything you need to start out and it is definitely worth the price.

One of the things I would say caught my attention about this guitar is the unique full body size plus it comes with all the necessary accessories for playing. I’m certain that it can last for a long time.

If you are a beginner, you may easily get along with the sound projection. However, for a more experienced player, the sound may not be as strong as other higher quality guitars. Of course, with good strings and experienced fingers, it sounds just good enough.


  • Build quality is dependable.
  • Straightforward and easy to play with.


  • Sound quality could be better – flattens sometimes.

Video Fender FA-100

Ibanez IJV50


The Ibanez acoustic guitar gives off a traditional design. The body length is made primarily of spruce wood while the top part is wrapped in laminate agathis. This comes in a gig bag and features 6 strings, an electronic tuner, and an accessory pouch. Having an electric turner makes tuning many times easier. Instead of guessing keys yourself, it tells you what keys your tuned to. Unfortunately, older models don’t have this.

The bridge is also rosewood and the headstock is mahogany. The obvious thing about this guitar is the size – 38 X 5 X 12 inches. It weighs only 6 lbs. On the brighter side of things, this is an advantage because the lightweight creates lots of ease of handling. The tones are usually balanced and consistent.

This model claims to be the best cheap acoustic guitar, I have witnessed times when the sound was forceful and overwhelming. That said, it’s suitable for classical music like rock, blues, and country. The entire package is unique and if you’re thinking of a possible gift item, then this works as well.


  • Affordable.
  • Good for starters.
  • A compact hardware and quality build.
  • Suits both left and right-handed players.


  • The tuner quality is much lower than I had expected. It suddenly stopped working.
  • Lacks a cutaway, so, at times, you may run into really flat notes.

Video Ibanez IJV50

Buyer’s Guide

What to Consider While Buying a Guitar?

Obviously, no matter what guitar you choose, you should play comfortably. If the action is too high – strings are too far away from the fretboard – your fingers are going to pay a price, and the neck may be bowed out. Watch for soft, slightly higher strings on the 12th fret and even movement up and down the fretboard.

Run chords and single notes at different points on the neck for fret noise. Many experienced musicians want to make their tone louder, more punchy, but you will probably find soft strings and low movements more suited to your needs if you’re an amateur or electric musician buying your first acoustic. The most crucial factors to look out for are:

  • Overall quality — by far depend on the type of wood – laminate or solid. For sure, solid wooden guitars last longer.
  • Sound quality — more bass or treble. You decide.
  • Body type — does it sit on you? Do you feel comfortable playing? I put a few body types to consider below.
  • Price — think of whether you want it at the lower or higher end. Also, check the accessories, if it comes as a bundle or you’d have to spend more money on other parts like the tuner or string.
  • Setup — do you have to tune it manually or is it equipped with an electric tuner.

What is the Likely Guitar Price Range?

If you are a beginner guitarist, you might at some point typed the question ‘how much does a guitar cost?’ into a search engine, or maybe asked around. Well, before deciding on what type of guitar to get, it’ll be wise to look into the budget you have to spend on a guitar. Of course, as you already know, guitars are sold in different price ranges. In general, acoustic guitar prices can range from as high as $5,000 to the good ones under $200. But here’s the rub: you can’t have eyes on a $1000 dollar guitar when what you can afford is less than 200 bucks. You want to go for the one within your budget. If you are on a low budget, hopefully, you’ll find the ones highlighted on the list of affordable guitars below 200 helpful in making your choice.

What’s Your Skill Level – Beginner or Advanced?

You want to consider your level of experience before you decide to settle for any guitar. An acoustic guitar that is quite easy to learn is essential as a novice, which enhances your imagination and your learning process. There are tons of guitars that can be chosen for beginners. But think of it, guitars for the beginning are not always that costly. That makes it easier to live on a target. You’ll note that some guitars are well- suited for beginners as well as professional players if you thoroughly read the above article. The same goes for more skilled players. You should have an eye for detail and a good sound.

What about Tonewoods?

Basically, you really should know that mixture is suited to you, that is going from a broad range of materials to different designs. While the development and production of a guitar are a big deal, it is also important to take into account the tone that you want and your comfort. Spruce, mahogany, walnut, cedar, and rosewood are some of the common tonewoods often used for acoustic guitars. The good news is these tonewoods are present in the best acoustic guitar under 200 as well.

What is the Right Body Type?

The guitar’s tone is greatly influenced by body shape. Choosing cheap acoustic guitars is not only about the sound produced by the instrument but also about the convenience you feel when you play it. That being said, you can select different types of the acoustic guitar body. In general, guitars with smaller and more contoured bodies give anyone playing it more comfort. Let me pick out a number of popular ones that you could think about:

  • Dreadnought body type — normally deep-curved and has a broad waist.
  • Auditorium — differently, it has a slim waist.
  • Parlor — slender body type.
  • Jumbo — usually bulky and tough to maneuver.
  • Mini — specifically for young players and children.