Think that the factory speakers on your bike sound thin? Want an upgrade? Look at the selection of the best motorcycle speakers down the page! There are models with different functionality and parameters, the ones designed for specific bike models and multi-fit units.

Want to stream the radio tunes or playback your smartphone library? Check the offers with Bluetooth and AUX ports. Whether you’re a techie or not, you’ll find the sound system that’s easy to install and handle. Get an upgrade today and enjoy the crisp loud sound for your next trip!

Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX — Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

This powerful unit can reach 300W output and sounds loud even on the noisy streets. It stands out among other Bluetooth motorcycle speakers implementing the four-channel amplifier, with 19W continuous supply for each channel, and a maximum of 23W. It powers 6 drivers: four 1-inch tweeters and two 2 x 3-inch full-range ones. The drivers are equipped with high-quality voice coils (dual) and magnets (N42 grade) and sound balanced and dynamic. The bass is fine, with the clear main line. Mids are diverse, and the highs are open while a bit shrieky at extreme frequencies.

The speaker is of the handlebar type, with the universal brackets and several sizes of supplied clamps. The bracket is 3 inches in diameter, and has a length of 6 inches, matching the majority of motorcycle steering bars (the ones that range between ⅞-inch and 1 ½-inch diameter). The soundbar is 10.6 inches long and has a diameter of 2.9 inches.

The navigation and on/off buttons, as well as volume controls, are located on the front of the handlebar so that they’re easy to see and reach with the left hand. The setup of this motorcycle sound bar is relatively simple, with all the required wire supplied. There’s a power cable, and the ground one goes to the motorcycle battery; the ignition cord can be connected to the ignition mechanism, for powering on and off with the bike. Other options include the USB power port (1-Amp capacity), the AUX input and output, and the 4.1 Bluetooth connection.


  • Sturdy weather- and waterproof aluminum body.
  • A large heat sink and internal protection provide for safe operation.
  • Includes the wire for the connection to the external amplifier.


  • No Bluetooth control button.
  • Instructions in the manual are scarce.

Video Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

Boss MC720B

Boss MC720B

The stylish design and the external amplifier differ this model from the majority of motorcycle Bluetooth speakers. The set includes two hemispheres with the 5.7 x 5.7 x 4.1-inch dimensions, that connect to the stand-alone amplifier via the thick wire. The latter is a small rectangular box having 3.5 x 3.1 x 1.7-inch size. The amp has a two-channel construction powering each speaker individually. Each speaker features a mounting bracket that can be regulated, and they’re easy to fix on your handlebar if it’s between 0.75 to 1.25 inches. The amp box also has mounting holes, so it can be attached to the central steering shaft, or at different places on the front. The remote volume control is connected to the amp, so it’s better to fix the box within the rider’s reach.

The hemisphere speakers integrate the 4-inch full-range sound drivers that are encased in a glossy chromium body. The speakers look and feel sturdy. The driver is installed deep in the body of the speaker and is protected with the small-cell grid. All the elements are weatherproof and don’t suffer from the rain or dirt.

The system of the motorcycle amp and speakers connects via Bluetooth quickly, and the connection is solid. It works well for music streaming from a smartphone and dedicated apps like Deezer and Spotify. It can also hook up to other sources via the 3.5mm AUX port.


  • The amp has a peak 1,000W output ensuring a clear and loud sound.
  • Gets power through the 12V connector and can be used in a variety of vehicles.
  • Once paired with the Bluetooth source, the speaker recognizes it automatically at the next connection.


  • No power switch, might drain the bike battery if being left plugged in.
  • The treble dominates over bass at high volume.

Kuryakyn 2719

Kuryakyn 2719

If you’ve got a silver handlebar, this versatile model from Kuryakin might be one of the best motorcycle speakers. Its 300W amplifier feeds 4 channels individually, providing a clean output from the 6 drivers included. The two 2 x 3-inch woofers emit solid mids and clear bass if a bit lacking the pulsing thump. The four tweeters have a 1-inch diameter and silk domes ensuring the highs are crystal clear and open. The sound is distortion-free and has a gradual volume increase without muting any frequency range.

The speaker connects quickly to the smartphone thanks to the 3.0 Bluetooth. It handles the audio streaming via the sound apps (e.g. Pandora, Tidal, TuneIn, etc.), and keeps a good connection with the source. On the side, there’s also the AUX input letting you hook up another audio device (e.g. an MP3 player). The 3.5mm output serves for connecting the headphones and other speakers, should you have a need for that. There’s also the USB jack feeding 1-Amp current and keeping your phone battery at level.

The speaker is all-aluminum, round shape, with a solid grill. It has the IP66 rating for its water- and weatherproof design and can endure various weather and road conditions including light snow and rain, dirt splashes, etc. In comparison to other motorcycle handlebar speakers, it’s quite compact, being 10.6 inches long and having 2.9 inches in diameter. The mounting bracket adds another 6 inches of height from the handlebar making the speaker obvious but non-obtrusive with the rider’s line of sight.


  • Supplied with four sizes of clamps that fit snugly the bars from ⅞-inch to 1 ½-inch.
  • The USB port has a rubber cap preventing water from getting inside.
  • The internal set of relays protects the speaker from voltage drops and increases, as well as from overheating.


  • The clamps fit tight around the speaker and can bend the tweeters if being tightened too much.
  • Doesn’t get too loud; sounds muffled at a speed over 70 mph.

Video Kuryakyn 2719

Boss MC420B

Boss MC420B

Looking for solidly built Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speakers that would sound good but not break the bank? Check the MC420B by Boss. The stereo set includes two separate speaker boxes, an amplifier, and an in-line volume level regulator. While there are four items, the setup is quite simple thanks to the plug-n-play connectors on the supplied cords. Insert the amp wire into the speakers, connect the volume control box, adjust the brackets on the bike’s handlebar. Attach the amp and the volume remote to any place in the bike’s front panel, and wire the power cables to your bike’s battery.

All parts of this speaker system are water-resistant and weatherproof. The chrome-coated speaker bowls are 4.75 inches long and 4.25-inch in diameter. They have solid mesh grills protecting the 3-inch drivers (full-range type). The brackets keep the speakers 1.88-inch high over the handlebar. The amplifier is 2.32 x 3.63 x 1.49 inches and features mounting holes on two sides providing for a variety of fixation types.

Quick Bluetooth enables wireless music playback from the smartphone library and streaming apps. There’s also a 3.5mm AUX port on this set of motorcycle radio and speakers. The 600W Class D amplifier provides the loud output at 80 mph speed, with all frequencies being distinct and pure.


  • Sturdy small-gauge cables are covered with thick textile isolation.
  • Gradual and sensitive volume regulation; no abrupt increases or drops.
  • The brackets have rubber pads and don’t scratch the handlebar.


  • The mount brackets are a bit loose on ⅞-inch bars.
  • Cables are rather short; don’t let hide the amp in the saddle bag.

Video Boss MC420B

Boss MCBK420B

Boss MCBK420B

The bulky design of these wireless Bluetooth motorcycle speakers makes the set durable and the sound output stable. The 3-inch universal drivers are encompassed within a thick metal shell, with the opening covered with the mesh grill. The casing is elongated having 4.75 inches in length (diameter is 4.25 inches), and the drivers sit deep in it, being protected from the environment. Commuting under the rain or driving off-road and getting dirt on speakers doesn’t affect the playback and connection quality.

The speaker set can be used on different 12V vehicles including ATVs, small RVs, etc. The wiring is standard, with the ground and power wire going to the battery. The drivers are fed by the class D amplifier encased in a small box (3.63-inch long, 2.32-inch deep, and 1.49-inch tall). The latter provides the 600W of peak output and makes the audio clean even at extreme frequencies. The highs are sharp and pure, the mids feature a lot of nuances. The bass might seem a bit underpowered while sufficient for the pop, country, and similar “not bass head” music styles.

Connected via Bluetooth, the speakers provide solid playback without drops or hisses. The AUX input lets connect another gadget via the cable. Save for the absence of the USB connection, this set deserves a place on any list as the best motorcycle sound system, budget edition.


  • The external amp design enables the future upgrade of the system.
  • The amplifier box is weatherproof and can be fixed anywhere on the bike.
  • The power indicator on the amp lets you see the operation status of the set.


  • The volume control knob is small and not easy to handle with the gloves on.
  • Supplied rubber pads don’t provide a snug fit on the 1-inch handlebar.

Boss MC470B

Boss MC470B

The bike enthusiasts having a long handlebar will definitely appreciate this set of Boss motorcycle speakers. It includes 4 durable speakers with a thick chrome casing and 3-inch drivers inside, a separate amplifier, and the inline volume regulator. The amp is hard-wired with cables that are fitted with connectors for quick plug-and-play operation. All you need to do is wiring the power and ground cables and hook up the speakers.

All parts of this setup are weatherproof letting you commute or go off-road without fearing excessive humidity, strong wind, or other elements’ impact. Though the drivers aren’t located close to the mesh grill, they provide a loud and distinct sound. The soundstage might seem a bit narrow due to the thin lower bass. However, the mid bass, midrange, and highs are pure and blend together well creating a balanced output. The system can get pretty loud even at half the volume range, and preserves the audio clarity at high speed (over 70 mph).

The mounting brackets on these motorcycle speakers fit multiple handlebar diameters including the range of 0.75 – 1.25 inches. The rubber inserts keep intact the handlebar finish and let you adjust the speakers tightly. The speakers support wireless playback via Bluetooth, and connect to a variety of devices through the 3.5mm AUX port.


  • The high clarity of the sound throughout the volume scale.
  • Immediate pairing via Bluetooth.
  • Simultaneous balanced playback creates an increased power effect.


  • Fit the 12V motorcycles only.
  • The amplifier needs some space around for sufficient cooling (isn’t recommended to be put into the casing, bag, etc.).

Video Boss MC470B

Lexin LX-S3

Lexin LX-S3

The versatility of these waterproof motorbike speakers makes them a good option for long rides or offroad adventures. The set comprises two compact speakers that can be mounted on a handlebar. The casing is metal coated with chrome and having 3.93 inches in length, 3.14 inches in diameter, and 3.93 inches in total height from the handlebar. The clamps used on this unit are universal, matching the bars with diameter from ⅞-inch to 1.25-inch. The mount shafts are thick and endure high speed without gaining vibration or changing position. The speakers are water-resistant, letting you be safe when riding under the rain or snow, or getting the water splash from the side car.

The speakers connect to the smartphone or another wireless device through Bluetooth (version 4.0) and support the A2DP protocol. This enables the harmonic stereo sound with the well-shaped middle line, steady bass, and open highs. The audio dynamics is lively, and the output feels powerful. The amplifier is rated at 50W, and powers the 3-inch drivers well. The sound stays clear up to 80 mph at the volume level at about 70 – 75.

The USB connector in these motorcycle speakers can be used to perform the playback from the flash drive or a USB-enabled device. The supported formats include WAV, WMA, and MP3. The playback is detailed and diverse both through wireless and cable connections.


  • A USB port can be used for charging a smartphone, a flashlight, or another small-amperage device.
  • External antenna ensures a clear radio signal and high-quality playback.
  • Playback / pairing / volume controls are located on the left speaker and are easy to reach.


  • No AUX port fit for old-style devices (e.g. an MP3 player).
  • No indication for radio frequency played.

Video Lexin LX-S3

Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG — Best Motorcycle Fairing Speaker

Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG

Got the Harley Davidson of 1998 – 2013 period and search for the best speakers for Harley Street Glide? Save for the price (which is three times more than the budget model with the same power output), the TMS6RG fits the description. These stylish speakers fit the fairing place on Harley bikes snugly and sound loud and clear. The only difference from the factory model is a grill design while the connections and size are identical.

The speakers are coaxial, featuring woofers of 6.5-inch diameter and 1-inch tweeters installed on them. The power rating makes 150W of peak output and 75W RMS. The audio signal produced by these Harley speakers is crisp and dynamic and doesn’t suffer from high-speed riding. The midrange is represented with multiple details and harmonics, as well as clean and airy highs. The bass is present and thumping while the sub-low frequencies are rather thin.

The heavy-duty build of this set makes it fit almost any weather condition. The speaker’s output is steady, and doesn’t feature distortions or frequency cutoffs even within severe environmental conditions like sleeting rain or heavy snow. Despite the flat positioning, their performance is also unaffected by dust, hot or freezing temperatures, the excessive UV impact, etc. The built-in type of placement lets you install these speakers only onto the Harley bikes up to the 2013 year. Other than that, they well deserve to be called the best motorcycle fairing speakers within the middle-class price tier.


  • Tweeters are enhanced with the phase plug making the high frequencies sound mellow and open.
  • The sound remains fluent and distinct at 70 mph and higher speed.
  • High sensitivity preserves the sound clarity and detail at a high volume.


  • No external connection options for playback.
  • The sound output is optimal with the amplifier connected.

Kicker 40PS692 — Best 6×9 Speakers for Motorcycle

Kicker 40PS692

If you’re planning to improve your motorcycle audio clarity and output, take a look at the 40PS692 stereo pair from Kicker. Each speaker is a 6 x 9 inches coaxial construction with an oval woofer and 1-inch tweeter. The casing has a multi-fit shape with 4 mounting holes in the frame. The dimensions of the speaker make 5 ⅝ x 8 7/16 inches, and the mounting depth is 3 ¼ inches. The wiring is standard while, due to the high capacity of this set, it’s recommended to use the wire of 16 gauge or a larger diameter. The speakers require a 90W RMS power supply and can handle up to 180W peak output. The impedance of this set is 2 – 4 Ohms, making it compatible with the variety of motorcycle models.

The drivers and surround are made of high-quality materials to ensure vibration and external/internal noise dampening. The woofer cones are polypropylene and insulated with a rubber surround. The tweeters feature the neo-titanium domes and produce crisp highs up to 20,000Hz. Meanwhile, the low-end and midrange are diverse and dynamic, the bass has a thump to it, and the main line is traced easily at any frequency range.

The weatherproof design lets you use this motorcycle sound system at cold and hot temperatures. The light rain and dusty winds aren’t an obstacle to use them as well.


  • High sensitivity (87.3 dB) let you hear the sound clearly at a considerable volume level (over 70).
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth head units.
  • Supplied with the wire, screws, and angled spacers.


  • The grills are of a spider type, leaving most of the dome exposed.
  • Require impedance calculations to be performed prior to the installation, in order to avoid burning the speakers.

Polk Audio DB522 — The Best 5.25 Motorcycle Speaker

Polk Audio DB522

Tested in the various weather and climate conditions including UV exposure, rain, salt fog, etc. These waterproof motorcycle speakers will be a good option for travelers and extreme sports fans. The set has the IP65 certification and resists water and dirt efficiently. Besides, the aluminum coating provides for quick heat discharge and secures the system from overheating

The coaxial speakers consist of 5.25-inch polypropylene woofers and ¾-inch tweeters. The tweeter has a low profile so that the speaker can fit several types of factory grills. The construction is round and has 4 ¾ inches at the mounting bed. The depth is 2 inches. The kit includes the adaptors to match the speaker holes of different sizes and shapes.

The motorcycle audio system has a 4-Ohm impedance and can handle up to 600W (2 x 300W) peak power. The RMS parameter makes 100W. This high-power capacity lets the speakers embrace a vast frequency range from 55Hz to 22,000Hz, with the clear middle line present. The sound is detailed, with fluent transitions and good dynamics. The sensitivity is quite high at 91 dB enabling the gradual volume increase while keeping the sound balanced and clean.


  • Enhanced with the proprietary Dynamic Balance technology accentuating the high frequencies (good for listening to vocals, GPS navigation, etc.).
  • The bottom parts have a self-adhesive coating making the installation easier.
  • Supplied with the butyl rubber kit for additional insulation from vibration.


  • For universal fit, four mounting holes on the round frame might be insufficient.
  • The bass tends to lose clarity in the complex compositions with accentuated highs.

Buyer’s Guide

Reason to Buy Motorcycle Speakers

There are two primary reasons for replacing the sound system in your motorcycle or installing the one if your bike isn’t equipped with it:

  • Sharing your phone and GPS unit functionality. It’s not safe to use the phone while driving, and headsets aren’t permitted to be worn by riders. The only opportunity to answer the call or check the direction is to stop and use the phone / GPS. With the Bluetooth- or AUX / USB-connected speaker, you can do all that and more without interrupting your ride.
  • Listening to music. For the bikes without built-in speakers, it’s an opportunity to make your long and short rides more enjoyable. You might also need to improve the audio output from your handlebar or built-in speakers adding more bass, overall clarity, or volume to your favorite tunes.

Features You Need to Consider before Buying the Motorcycle Speakers

Sound Quality

This parameter includes several subtype ones:

  • Amount of distortion present in the audio output (the less the better). This depends on the speaker material, sturdiness of build, way of mounting to the motorcycle (fits snugly / loosely), the connection protocol used for transmitting the media files.
  • The maximum volume, at which the sound stays distortion-free. It’s also called speaker sensitivity. For motorcycle speaker systems, it’s important to feature sensitivity. When riding at high speed and on highways, you’ll inevitably have to wind up the volume level. The revving of the engine, the sound of the exhaust, the whistling wind, roaring highway sounds will drown the speaker with the low output and sensitivity.
  • Frequency range and its representation by the speaker. While the majority of speaker manufacturers claim their products support the standard 20 – 20,000Hz, the reality shows it another way around. Some speakers sound full and balanced while others accentuate some frequency spectrum leaving others non-impressive and cut off. For example, hard rock fans are likely to find the speakers with developed mids and highs but shortened bass “not juicy” enough. Meanwhile, the classic, jazz, blues, country lovers might find the powerful thundering bass excessive.


The majority of stand-alone motorcycle speaker models feature the power and ground wires and can be hooked up to the bike’s battery block directly. In this way, the driver receives the optimal power supply and can provide the most of its intended output. The built-in units must be connected to the cables present in the place of their installation. In this way, they become integrated into the motorcycle electric system.

Many of the modern stand-alone speakers for motorcycles provide other hookup options letting you switch between the sources quickly. These options include Bluetooth connection and physical ports (AUX inputs and outputs, USBs, SD cards).

The Bluetooth version and supported protocols impact the sound quality and resolution of the final output. It’s preferable to use the latest versions for the playback of non-compressed files. The Bluetooth connectivity also lets stream the music apps content from a smartphone or another gadget.

The USB port can serve for media file playback, charging of other connected devices, or integrate both options. The SD card can also work as the sound source and enable the playback of high-resolution audio files.

Through the AUX input, you can hook up the media players, external radio units, and other devices. Some speakers also implement the AUX output establishing the chain with another amplifier or speaker set, connecting the headset, etc.

Weather Resistance

The bike touring, commuting, and even going on occasional trips is highly dependent on weather conditions. The motorcycle and its front panel aren’t shielded from weather impact, so it’s important for all parts to be made of durable materials that can withstand the impact of elements. This is true for the sound system as well.

The speakers of both built-in and mounted types must work well under the rain, snow, at a cold and hot temperature, during the wind blasts. They mustn’t suffer from the dust and grime buildups, keep their structure and operation intact under the UV rays, and so on. This excludes the requirement for the material the driver and the casing are made of.

Still, the use of high-grade materials significantly increases the price for the bike speaker sets. Some manufacturers use water- and dust-resistant materials that are less expensive than the completely waterproof ones. In the mild climate and for occasional bike riding, such models might be a worthy trade-off.

Speaker Wattage

The speaker wattage is closely connected with the volume produced by the driver. The more the wattage, the louder you can wind up the volume without fearing distortion issues. Before delving deeper into the wattage issues, we’ve got to mention the speaker’s capacity is characterized by two different wattage numbers: the RMS one (meaning the average continuous output) and the peak one (defining the maximum power the speaker can handle). The peak wattage is usually about the double number of the RMS parameter. However, for different types of speakers, the wattage requirements might be different.

For built-in speakers, the 50W wattage RMS is usually enough for the sound to be clearly heard on the quiet suburban streets. In order to drive the bike at 50 – 70 mph and still hear what your GPS says, you’ll need the sound system with 150W capacity. For highways and other noisy and high-speed places, the built-in speakers should have no less than 200W RMS wattage.

For stand-alone speakers, the wattage is defined by the capacity of the connected amplifier. For some models, the amp output should be higher than the capacity of the built-in speakers, to provide the same audio quality and volume level.

Input Sources

For built-in speakers, the primary source is the head unit of the motorcycle. Depending on its compatibility, you can use the speakers for Bluetooth and USB streaming, playback of the smartphone sound library, radio frequencies, etc.

For the stand-alone models, the compatibility with the various sources depends on speaker protocols and physical ports. The smartphone can be connected in several ways including Bluetooth, 3.5mm input, USB. The OS is also important, as some speaker units are compatible with Android or Apple devices exclusively.

Among other sources, the speakers might accept the SD card, the USB flash drive, the MP3 player, the radio player. Some speakers feature the built-in radio and have the relevant antenna wire / slots.