For a big sound at your party, the best party speakers are vital. Your monitor setup might be super clear but just not that boomy and entertaining. The sound system made for party rocking usually has large full-range drivers or even subs, can connect two or more mics, and have high sensitivity letting you crank them really loud. The models we selected can do that all. Besides, some of them have colorful lights, and many feature high portability so that you could use them at multiple locations. Get a music system that’ll make your party day!

Best Party Speaker Reviews

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus — Best Party Speakers

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

With this music system, you’ll be ready for any situation. No AC — the music will go on powered from the internal battery lasting for 1.5 days. Need to move on to another place? The sound box is equipped with two types of handles, and the wheels to be moved along. It won’t take much place in the car’s trunk having 17.32 x 14.47 x 9.84 inches. It’s not the most lightweight though, weighing 20.7lbs. It can be connected to an MP3 player through AUX, or play music through Bluetooth on your smartphone. Should the latter go out of charge, there’s also the USB power port letting you get your phone back to life. Such versatility makes it probably the best Bluetooth party speaker available today. Still, the boombox isn’t water-resistant and can be used outdoors in good weather only.

The 100W output makes the party Rocker speakers quite loud. It’ll be well heard by 100 people not standing far away. The sound has a good clarity thanks to the 8-inch woofer and the tweeter aimed for wide audio dispersion. If you want to boost the beats, there’s a dedicated button on the panel, making the bass deeper and boomier. If no music source is available, you can turn on the radio. The unit supports up to 20 AM/FM presets, letting you access them in the wink of the eye.


  • The mic input can be used for a supplied mic or an external one.
  • Bluetooth can be controlled via onboard buttons and supports NFC pairing.
  • The case is sturdy, made of thick textured plastic.


  • No external antenna for clearer radio reception (can be muffled within an area with high-frequency load).
  • Charging the smartphone through USB causes static to appear in sound.

Video ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

ION Audio Tailgater iPA77

ION Audio Tailgater iPA77

From the look of this music box, one can say it’s probably one of the best outdoor party speakers. It’s made of rugged plastic and has reinforced corner construction, letting you move it along the park, forest, or any other place. It’s quite compact at 13 x 12.5 x 9.21 inches and isn’t too heavy at 17lbs. However, the only way to carry it around is to hold on to the side openings, which is not very convenient.

The speaker has a two-driver system and is powered by a 50W amplifier. It emits a warm sound, with clear highs and mids. The bass is distinct and tight. The device can be connected to a smartphone, a tablet, or any other gear with Bluetooth or NFC. A handy option, the wireless playback can be controlled with onboard buttons for start / pause, and next / prev functions. It works for streaming as well, meaning you don’t have to hold your smartphone all the time to control the music. The sound source can be hooked up through AUX input (⅛-inch) as well, and there’s a mic port next to it. The supplied microphone has good sensitivity and clarity, letting you speak loudly between the tracks.

The front panel also features a USB jack letting you charge your mobile device from the internal battery of the boombox. The power bank in these party speakers lasts for 24 hours.


  • A separate mic volume control lets you talk over the music or hush the mic completely.
  • The blue LED display shows the radio playback status.
  • The volume sensitivity is high, making the sound clear at level 80.


  • No presets for AM/FM.
  • Bluetooth pairing works for a single device at a time.

Video ION Audio Tailgater iPA77

Aiwa Exos-9 — Best Party Speakers with Bass

Aiwa Exos-9

If you want to go big and loud with your sound, the Exos-9 is the speaker to consider. It features five drivers (2 3-inch woofers, 2 tweeters, and a central sub) and is rated at 200W. It can get window-rattling while not bringing much distortion into the sound. Besides, it can be wirelessly hooked up with another Exos-9 to double the output (making 200 dB per unit) and rock the party of any size.

The central woofer is 6.5 inches in diameter bringing a solid low-end. The bass is balanced and vibrating, the midrange is rich in detail. Highs are distinct while sounding a bit rounded further to extreme frequencies. These big party speakers let you change the EQ to your liking boosting the bass or accentuating mids and highs. There are 4 preset modes, and manual regulation is available as well. The EQ controls, as well as playback ones, are touch sensitive and have a blue LED backlight. Status of playback, active port, EQ configuration, and battery are displayed on the front LED screen.

The speaker is 19.4 inches wide, 11.7 inches tall, and 7.5 inches deep. It weighs 13lbs though there’s no handle. The replaceable lithium-ion battery can work up to 9 hours while the AC connection is also supported. For connecting to the source, one can use the AUX port, NFC, or Bluetooth 4.2 (aptX codec) pairing.


  • The EQ is 5-band letting you tweak the output precisely.
  • With Bluetooth lock, the indicated devices can be banned from connecting.
  • During a joint playback with another Exos-9 unit, can play separate L-R channels or just mirror the output.


  • No stop for the volume knob.
  • A remote isn’t supplied but can be bought separately.

Video Aiwa Exos-9

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS

If you’re looking for music systems with powerful output, the Acoustic Audio will definitely catch your eye. With the 1,000W current that powers the 15-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter, you can use it for tailgating or on-stage performance, and for other locations. The sound box includes two microphone ports. A ¼-inch port lets you hook up a guitar or another instrument. You can also connect another music system via 2 sets of stereo RCA ports. For input, there’s an AUX port, a USB type A, and an SD card slot. Bluetooth can be used for wireless music streaming. Or you can turn on the FM receiver and listen to the radio.

The dimensions of the casing are 27 x 16 x 14 inches, the weight makes about 20lbs. The music system is easy to move around thanks to small yet rugged wheels and handles (one top handle and two side ones). However, this model doesn’t have a battery. It requires an AC 110V connection to work.

The sensitivity of this music system is quite high, making 102 dB at 4 Ohms. It can go loud keeping the bass tight, and the treble clear. The EQ section comprises the 5-band slider regulator, as well as 5 presets for different playback styles. This model also belongs to party speakers with lights. The multi-color LED light on the woofer brings diversity but can be turned off.


  • Equipped with the Echo effect for the mic.
  • Each mic level, as well as the volume of Line in / MP3 playback is controlled separately.
  • The LED light changes color and size with the volume increase.


  • The IR receiver for the remote control is located on the back; doesn’t work in front of the speaker.
  • The LED light gets activated at high volumes only.

Video Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS

Rockville Dual RPG152K V2

Rockville Dual RPG152K V2

With this set of two loud party speakers, you can throw a large dance party using various sources. The stereos work in the active-passive mode and are connected with the durable ¼-inch cable. Each box contains a 15-inch woofer with a long-throw cone and a 2.5-inch voice coil. The stereos produce good solid bass up from 45Hz, with precise middle line and moderate boominess. The highs are emitted through the 1-inch tweeter, having a wide dispersion horn construction, and 20KHz range. With 125 dB SPL, the speakers sound confidently up to the highest volume levels, and the mic input is reproduced faithfully, too.

The main speaker offers multiple ways to connect a source. It includes ¼-inch and XLR ports for a microphone, XLR jacks for line connection, and also dual RCAs for line input and output. It accepts an SD card, a USB flash drive (via type A port), and has an integrated FM tuner. You can also stream music in high resolution thanks to the high-bandwidth CSR-powered Bluetooth connection. The playback is produced simultaneously out of each speaker. The active box has the onboard screen, controls for MP3 and line-in playback, separate volume knobs for a mic, line / MP3, and the overall level. The EQ panel features 5 presets for different music styles. The peak power for this set of Bluetooth party speakers makes 1,500W, and the RMS current is 375W.


  • Separate bass and treble controls let you adjust the lows and highs precisely.
  • The Clip LED feature lets you know when the distortion comes in with volume increase.
  • Small feet keep the speakers safe from mud and water when put on the ground.


  • The set isn’t a stereo type, the passive speaker just mirrors the sound of the main one.
  • The EQ settings aren’t displayed on the screen.

Video Rockville Dual RPG152K V2

QFX PBX-61081BT/BL — Best Portable Party Speakers


With the peak output reaching 2,600W, this budget-friendly model makes a worthy choice among DJ party speakers. It’s built-in battery and portable design let you take it along to any party, indoors or outdoors. On the front part of the bottom, there are two tall feet keeping the sound system high from the ground. On the rear, it has two pairs of durable caster wheels overcoming small hillocks with ease. The speaker is quite compact, being 17.8 x 11.2 x 10.3 inches. It weighs just 10.4lbs, and is easy to lift up and down from / to the car’s trunk.

The driver installed in this box has 8 inches in diameter and reproduces balanced highs, mids, and lows. The bass gets thumping if the speaker system is cranked loud. Overall, it keeps the middle line and doesn’t get shrieky on highs. It can be used to amplify the microphone or guitar output, accepts the MP3 players via the AUX port, plays media files from USB drives, microSD cards, TF cards. You can also stream the music via Bluetooth or choose an FM channel. This unit has bass and treble controls, separate volume adjustment for a mic, and the regulated Echo effect as well. It makes a solid option among cheap speakers for a party.


  • The battery is 4.5Ah and can handle a loud playback for 4-5 hours.
  • The mic input has zero noise and doesn’t produce feedback outside the Echo mode.
  • The colored grill and the spider-like plastic ornament make it look modern and original.


  • When plugged with an AUX cord, the buzzing is heard during silent periods.
  • Switching between inputs and radio stations is available through the remote only.

Ecoxgear EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810

Ecoxgear EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810

If you plan a pool party, this model will definitely stand out among other portable party speakers. It can withstand dust and water and would sustain short falling into the water thanks to the floating capability. It has 2 thick feet with rubber pads on the front bottom part and built-in wheels with a tractor-like design on the back. It’s 20-inch tall, 15-inch wide, and has a depth of 12 inches. It’s quite heavy, weighing 27lbs. Still, 2 wide ribbed handles on top corners let you take it up and down easily.

The casing holds 3 drivers including the 8-inch full-range driver, the 8-inch sub, and the 3-inch tweeter. The system is powered with an amplifier of 100W and sounds clear on all volumes. It can be powered via an integrated battery or an AC outlet. The battery can hold the charge for over 100 hours on standby, and maintain a medium-volume playback during 50 hours.

Bluetooth 4.1 lets you connect a smartphone or a tablet for streaming playback. You can also transfer the music files via a USB connection. There’s also a ⅛-inch AUX port and the built-in AM/FM tuner. The latter works well for scanning the frequencies, and there are 5 preset slots for radio stations. The sound box has a diversified control panel on the top including the EQ, input and playback controls. Equipped with the EcoConnect function, it can hook up 2 more wireless party speakers of the same model.


  • The USB input also works for powering the connected device (2.1A output).
  • The EcoTalk function lets you control the sound system with your voice via Siri or Google Assistant.
  • It has 2 cup holders, a bottle opener, and a water-resistant compartment for a smartphone.


  • The sound dispersion isn’t wide, the music sounds quieter when not standing in front of the speaker.
  • The EQ settings don’t differ much from each other, and the overall EQ control is limited.

Video Ecoxgear EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810

ION Audio Party Rocker Max — Best Speakers for House Party

ION Audio Party Rocker Max

While the 100W output might sound quiet outdoors on a large area, in the home setting this model rocks quite well. It has a simple design and controls, supports Bluetooth streaming, and lets you choose the color for the lights. It also connects 2 mics, making a solid option for karaoke.

The boombox contains the 8-inch full-range driver, emitting clear mids and lows. The low-end is solid, with a thumping effect on high volume, letting rate this model among party speakers with bass. The tweeter has a 3-inch diameter and a wide-dispersion horn ensuring open and clean highs.

The sound box connects to Bluetooth within seconds and supports good quality playback. You can also hook up a music player or another device through AUX input. The mic ports are solid ensuring a noise-free connection. The Echo function is regulated by a separate knob, letting you play with styles and genres.

The lights are produced from the hemisphere on the top of the music system and the front LED grill. The color mode and the particular color output can be chosen via the control panel. You can also turn off all lights with a single button. Unlike many house party speakers, the ION Audio Party Rocker Max has rear wheels and a telescopic handle. It’s also equipped with a large-capacity battery enabling more than 2 days of music playback, and about 6 hours of music + lights performance.


  • Supports A2DP codec enabling uncompressed sound playback through Bluetooth.
  • Lights inside the glass dome spin and the front lights pulsate in line with music output.
  • The sturdy build of the casing (enforced corners), inputs, and controls (knobs and buttons).


  • No separate volume control for each microphone.
  • No EQ options.

Video ION Audio Party Rocker Max

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose Speakers for a Party?

Good sound for the party depends on several factors:

  • Audibility. The speaker’s output should be heard on each foot of the venue but also be clear. That’s why output wattage, sensitivity level, and the drivers’ type are important. For party-bound stereos, sensitivity should be over 95 dB. The drivers’ horns must ensure the wide dispersion of the sound. With regard to wattage, the more the better. However, there’s no need to buy an overkill model as well. Here’s the table setting the wattage requirements with regard to the venue type and a number of participants.
People at the Party Indoor Speakers Outdoor Speakers
<25 30-50W 60-100W
25-50 40-80W 80-120W
50-75 60-120W 120-200W
75-150 200-400W 300-600W
150-200 500-800W 600-1000W
>200 >1000W >1500W
  • Diverse connectivity. If your smartphone unexpectedly begins to update the firmware cutting your Bluetooth transmission, it’s good to have the possibility to switch to a music player, a laptop, or turn on the radio. If you play guitar or some other instrument, you could also connect it to the speaker, if it has a dedicated input.
  • Power options. The built-in battery will come in handy both for indoor and outdoor parties. Having a constant power source, you can move the music system to the most fitting position without running cables and using extenders.
  • Portability. The speakers used for a party must have handles to be carried around. The wheels make the task easier.

Types of Party Speakers

Depending on the type of party (college, birthday, Christmas, etc.) and the actual location where the party takes place, you might get better performance from certain types of speakers. These types are listed below.

  • Indoors / outdoors. Such factors as portability, high battery capacity, and wide Bluetooth range are more important for outdoor stereos. While small plastic wheels are enough to move the speaker along the room, they might get stuck in the outdoor grass or mud. As described above, the outdoor models need higher wattage to be heard throughout the party area due to large space, wind, and environmental noise. Indoors sound boxes might skip the requirement for water- and dust-proof design, while for outdoors models this requirement is important.
  • PA / tailgate speaker models. PA systems require precise positioning, being good for indoor parties. The installation and connection process can be performed beforehand so that all you need to start the party is connect the source and hit the Start button. The tailgate sound systems are usually placed in the SUV trunks and thus, are mobile. Due to high sound dispersion, they can be used for various outdoor parties on the beach, in the backyards, in the forest, etc.