People still use coaxial cables as a content source and there are may be many reasons why people still use it. To use a signal from coaxial cable with your modern TV with no coaxial input, you may have an issue. Many world-leading manufacturers of TVs stopped using coaxial inputs. Such cables may be a good option if you need to distribute the signal, but you need to treat it carefully.

The flaws of coax cables

Coax cables are more vulnerable than most other types of cables and they should be handled carefully. These cables consist of a plastic jacket, a metallic shield, a dielectric material, and a center core. Therefore, coaxial cables are not waterproof. If you leave out a coax cable out in the rain, it will have changed electrical characteristics, which makes it useless. Small nicks in the outer sheath can also let water enter and it is also bad.

Coax cables may have a plastic jacket with a very low melting point. It may cause a deformation when the center conductor shifts in relation to the shielding. You get no signal at all if the conductor touches shielding.

A TV with no coax inputs

Coax cables maybe not a perfect option, but if you want to get signal from it and use it with you modern TV without coaxial input, which has no coax input ports, then you should use a solution called a converter box. Such solutions are not very expensive. It is a small device with various ports.
Therefore, the process of how to connect cable to TV:

  • Put the cable into the according to the input port located on the converter.
  • The cables have to be connected tightly, this is crucial since it guarantees a perfect-quality signal.
  • The converter has several ports of different colors which you need to connect with the ports on your television. All the colors have to match.
  • Having connected everything – check the cables. The connection should be tight, and the cables should not shake – that will assure a perfect connection.
  • Turn on your TV and select “Video” as the source.

That it is it, that is how simple the whole process is. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is the cables you use to connect a converter with your TV – it would be better to buy new cables to make sure they are not damaged.

Using an HDMI cable

Some converter box models feature an HDMI port, so you can use a special cable with it. Therefore, you need to connect the cable with the converter and then run the HDMI cable to your TV. This solution is simpler since you need to use the only one HDMI cable. Again, you should make sure that your HDMI cable has no flaws, otherwise, the signal may fail.

Is it the end of the “coax era”?

Even a high-grade converter box will not cost you much. Such solutions will help you connect cable to TV with no coaxial input. Therefore, everything you need is a good converter box and a set of cables. Modern solutions do not affect the signal in a negative way. Coax cables have some flaws, but they still are widely used and there are no reasons for you to stay away from it.