The internal computer speakers may become the best speakers for vinyl when a PC or a laptop is connected directly to a record player with a USB port. This setup requires considering the OS and changing some configurations in the computer to turn it from a “playback” to a “playthrough” device.

Let’s look through the ultimate guide to know how to play USB turntable through computer speakers. For Windows OS:

  • Power on the record player, computer and use the USB cable to attach the turntable to a PC/laptop.
  • Find the speaker icon in the task pane.
  • Right-click on this icon and choose the “Playback devices.”
  • The Playback tab displays the Sound window to choose the playback source. In this case, it’s necessary to tick the computer’s built-in speakers usually marked as Realtek High Definition Audio. If another source is already pre-set, just tick the desired source as “Set as Default Device.”
  • Click the Recording tab and choose a Microphone USB Audio Codec as the input item. Make it a “Set as Default Device” if another option already has the green mark.
  • Right-click the Microphone to find Properties and make another window appear.
  • Choose the Listen tab to find and tick the “Listen to this device” option.
  • Click then Apply and OK.

The volume control is carried out through the speaker icon at the bottom of the computer screen. The setup process is a bit different while connecting a turntable to a macOS. Once a vinyl player and a laptop are powered on and connected with each other via a USB cable, it’s necessary to open the Dock and locate the System Preferences icon. Then, the procedure looks as follows:

  • Click on the Sound icon to see the Sound window.
  • Opt for the Input tab and choose the USB Audio CODEC to configure it as the Sound Input Device.
  • Click on the Output tab to choose Speakers and set the built-in Mac’s speakers as the Sound Output Device.
  • Open the pre-installed recording software and find the monitoring option. Its exact location is different, depending on the program.

Consider resetting back all those configurations each time a record player is unplugged from a PC or a laptop. Note that such a setting doesn’t allow taming bass since it lacks EQ. However, the fans of “boomy” lows will appreciate the sound produced by the computer speakers by default.