All drivers love listening to music while driving. If you possess a regular-sized vehicle that lacks space to house a big sound system, the best under seat subwoofer is just what you need to boost your radio without making your sitting in the car uncomfortable.

A small car subwoofer is advantageous for many reasons. You can mount it under your car seat and adjust the sound remotely because it is always within your reach. Some subwoofers have the built-in amp so that the sound gets even more powerful and louder. Normally, car subwoofers are made of heavy-duty materials that promise high durability and prevent vibrations and shakes that tend to occur on the road.

To date, the audio equipment is abundant in subwoofer options: low-end and high-end, affordable and pricey, advanced and common. Depending upon your budget and expectations, you can find under seat subwoofer in no time.

Here is the list of the most popular driver’s choices that come from various brands and differ in cost, functions, and design.

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Under Seat Subwoofers Reviews

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Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer
This model goes first on the list as it represents all the basic features a good under seat sub box is expected to have.

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 is designed to provide powerful and loud sound even in a noisy environment. With the peak power of 150W, it delivers steady and room-filling bass.

The subwoofer is compact and handy. It fits into any car and can be mounted in any convenient place. The device is remotely controlled, which is extremely important for drivers who must stay vigilant on the road and cannot get distracted by any other things. The system allows changing the parameters of frequency and volume level using a wired remote control. The KSC-SW11 has an RCA speaker level inputs that allow connecting stereo speakers if you want to enhance the sound power. The enclosure is based on an aluminum die-cast frame that increases the product durability.

My word is that the Kenwood KSC-SW11 is a reasonable option for buyers on a low budget who seek an affordable subwoofer with promising specs.


  • The unit is easy to install.
  • No need to use an external amp.


  • RCA cables are not included in the kit.

Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer
This Kicker model is much similar to the first under seat sub on this list. However, it is stronger in terms of bass quality and sound performance.

The design is focused on delivering earth-shaking and noise-free sound. Kicker uses premium materials that make the 11HS8 model endurable and reliable in service. The peak power of 150W is not really high but still sufficient to fill your car with pleasant and loud sound because of a built-in amplifier. The unit has a remote control.

The compact size allows installing the subwoofer in tight places though the installation is pretty simple and quick. Thanks to nylon fastening straps, all you have to do is just to plug and play. Besides, these straps ensure solid and safe installation, so you cannot be bothered about subwoofer damage while driving.

I recommend buying the Kicker 11HS8 if the quality of materials matters to you and if you seek to get the most long-lasting subwoofer for years to come.


  • The unit comes with all the necessary wiring.
  • Clear lows within the entire frequency range.


  • The price is not that high but still does not fall within a low budget.

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 Amplified Loaded Enclosure Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 Amplified Loaded Enclosure Subwoofer
This subwoofer is seen as the most advantageous among these seven under seat subwoofer boxes. It features an innovative design that provides better usability and functionality in comparison with other options on this list.

The Rockford PS-8 has a built-in amp that boosts the sound power and spares the user from buying an external amplifier. The enclosure is sealed and hard that makes the device durable and convenient in use. Its compact size, however, allows installing it in any orientation inside a car. The device has remote control of bass levels, which is convenient for users on the road. The PS-8 has also two inputs and a phase control switch that enables the listener to tune the bass sound.

Other major tech advantages of this model include a low pass crossover and a bass boost EQ that both can be adjusted depending upon the listener’s demands. The Rockford subwoofer requires a one-minute installation.

My verdict is that the PS-8 sub works perfectly for those buyers who strive to get a stronger bass in their car radio.


  • The sub delivers crystal clear and true-to-life sound.


  • The price is not the cheapest on the list. There are less expensive variants.
  • No necessary wiring is in the kit.

Alpine PWE-S8 Slim Under-Seat 8″ 120w Powered Car Truck Subwoofer

Alpine PWE-S8 Slim Under-Seat 8″ 120w Powered Car Truck Subwoofer
This 8-inch truck under seat subwoofer is most suited for customers who want to purchase all the essentials at a time. The Alpine PWE-S8 provides decent solid bass sound and features a simple and advantageous design ensuring better performance.

The unit is enclosed in a metal cast frame that enhances the Alpine’s durability and promotes longer operating life. The subwoofer has a built-in amp and an adjustable low-pass crossover. Compared to other subs, Alpine’s power rating is a bit lower, but it does not change the overall image of sound quality.

In spite of its small size, the PWE-S8 can be installed in any tight location and will still deliver amazing and unspoiled sound. The device is manually controlled with the buttons located at the back. The back side has two inputs that connect a pre-amp and speakers in case you plan to integrate the subwoofer in a larger sound system.

The Alpine PWE-S8 is a smart option for drivers who are short of time and prefer acquiring the powerful and handy subwoofer along with the bunch of required accessories.


  • The sound remains crystal clear within the entire frequency range.


  • The unit does not have a remote control.
  • The price is not cheap, but you receive a bunch of necessary wiring in the kit.

Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer

Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer
It is another Rockville car under seat subwoofer that boasts fascinating bass sound and offers impeccable performance with the peak power of 400W.

The design has innovative features that make the SS8P user-friendly and more advanced in comparison with other options on the list. The major advantage is auto turn-on technology based on a smart circuit that reacts to signals the user transfers. Rockville provided some customization in this model. The driver is able to adjust the volume, frequency level, and tune the input sensitivity. The built-in bass boost serves as a sound enhancer and makes your bass even more earth-shaking and powerful.

The Rockville is pretty compact and convenient to mount in a car. Since the subwoofer is extremely thin, it fits any place, including that under the car seat. The installation is simple. It requires wiring the right cables on the back side, which is a one-minute activity.

Rockville brand is much different in manufacturing. While other subwoofers are mostly made in China, the SS8P is consistent with the US standards and promises premium quality and prolonged service life.


  • The price is extremely low and suited to buyers on a low budget.
  • The sound is perfect even when the gain and boost are both at max.


  • The unit is too weak for high-powered stereo systems.

CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE VPAS10 VEGA 10″ Powered Active Subwoofer

CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE VPAS10 VEGA 10″ Powered Active Subwoofer
This 10-inch under seat powered sub is another worthy option you may like. It is no way inferior to other alternatives here. With the peak power of 200W, the Cerwin delivers exceptional bass performance backed by innovative features put at the core of Cerwin design.

The subwoofer is handy and simple in use. The remote control allows tuning the sound while driving. The adjustment involves changing the parameters of input insensitive, volume, and frequency. The 180° phase control switch helps the listener choose a suitable position to achieve the most comfortable listening experience. The built-in boost ensures that the bass sound does not get weaker at the maximum volume. All these characteristics make this Cerwin model powerful and capable of generating loud and accurate bass sound in a car.

The Cerwin’s size is relatively small. The installation is fast and simple to do even for users with minimal knowledge of audio equipment. The subwoofer has a fairly unique look which is a combination of black and purple colors.

The last advantage I want to highlight is that the unit does not tend to heat up with active use.


  • The price point is not too elevated.


  • The subwoofer does not come with essential accessories in the kit.

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure
This 10-inch Pioneer subwoofer is the last model that is good at delivering deep and flawless bass.

The design relies on a rigid cone surface that promotes better air movement resulting in clearer and noise-free sound. The peak power of 300W is another distinct feature of this Pioneer subwoofer that offers an incredibly rich and accurate bass response at any volume level.

The enclosure is made of injection-molded resin that adds more stiffness and durability to the structure. The Pioneer’s surface has an anti-scratch non-slipping coating that makes it possible to install the subwoofer in any place. This Pioneer is mostly designed to be installed under the seat of your car. Its small dimensions do not need lots of space and make the sub fit to any location.

I recommend purchasing this product if your car is not big and has an extremely slippery interior because this Pioneer model is the only subwoofer that can handle such a problematic surface successfully.


  • The unit comes preloaded.


  • The price point is fairly high for buyers on a tight budget.
  • The unit cannot be installed in places that can be affected by vibration.
  • It does not have a built-in preamp.

Buyers Guide

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How to Determine the Best Subwoofer for Your Vehicle

Most of the options on the list are attractive and similar in specs. If you are on the fence, there are a number of criteria you can follow to define your best under seat subwoofer.


Before choosing a subwoofer, I recommend measuring the space under your car seat. Since subwoofers differ in thickness, you need to be sure that it perfectly fits this gap. If you prefer mounting it in the truck or somewhere else because your vehicle is large-scale, you can go for any model without hesitation.


The installation commonly boils down to the correct wire connection. To handle it successfully, you need first to choose the right subwoofer size. Then, place it under the seat so that the ports remain accessible because you will need to use them later to connect speaker and amp cables.


Each subwoofer has a peak power. The higher, the richer sound you will get. If you are satisfied with standard sound power, the peak power of 150W is normal to your subwoofer. If the deep sound is your priority, look for options with peak power starting from 200W.

Type of Control

I vote for remote control obviously. When you are on the road, the last thing to care about is pressing the buttons on your subwoofer to make it sound better. Wired subwoofers are standard and less expensive, but remote control feature allows you to feel free while driving because the subwoofer can turn on and off automatically. This makes you less bothered and more focused on staying vigilant about driving.

Tips on Installing a Subwoofer Correctly

There are a few simple steps to install a subwoofer under your seat.

  1. First wire the power from the battery. Make sure you do not mix up the battery with the fuse box.
  2. Next, connect RCA cables to the back of your subwoofer.
  3. Set up remote turn-on wire to make your subwoofer turn on automatically with the amp.
  4. Place the subwoofer under the seat.
  5. Wire up the amp.
  6. Connect the power cable to the battery.

When wiring the subwoofer, see to it that the + from the amp is hooked up to the + on the speaker, and vice versa.

Which Subwoofer is Better – Under Seat or Trunk?

An under seat subwoofer is usually seen as more advantageous because the driver has a deeper and louder sound in their cabin. However, there are a number of weaknesses that can make you rethink your decision in favor of a trunk subwoofer.

Trunk subwoofers have more customization options so that the listener is able to set up the sound to their liking. Normally, the trunk exposes a subwoofer to fewer risks and threats because of less vibration taking place there while the driver is on the road. Since a trunk subwoofer comes in a larger variety of sizes, it can fit both large-scale and small vehicles. In terms of performance, trunk subwoofers produce much more accurate and earth-shaking bass that is closer to perfection.

Nevertheless, under seat subwoofer excel in other aspects. For instance, they are lightweight and portable, which means that you can carry them wherever you are headed for. The under seat subwoofer is not as pricey as the trunk one and therefore more affordable to lots of buyers. It also takes less time to install it in a car. On the contrary, the installation of a trunk subwoofer is a complicated and time-consuming process. Finally, the under seat subwoofer is the only possible option for small car owners because it requires a little space and can be mounted in vehicles of any size.