At present, lots of home theatre enthusiasts are using more numbers of subwoofers along with their speakers to have great sound effects. These multiple subwoofers are actually placed in the center on each wall or corners of the room in order to get the flattest frequency response to enjoying the sound. In the earlier days, only one subwoofer is used with the 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre systems respectively 5 speakers and 7 speakers. But now most of the individuals have accepted to use the double subs or more according to their music requirements.

Are multiple subwoofers better?

Most of the newbies to the home theatre system have the most common question that is multiple subwoofers better for their sound system. The answer is typical yes because multiple numbers of subwoofers placed in the different parts of the home will surely provide you such an amazing range of the sound quality.

Installation of the one or two subwoofers can be suitable for all types of the circumstances in your home theatre room to significantly get the smoother and better bass response across a wider listening area.

With the multiple subwoofers installation, everyone can definitely get the huge numbers of benefits to have the family home theatre room system to enjoy the high-end music. Before installing multiple numbers of subwoofers at your home, office or anywhere, it is highly essential to understand the two important factors. Placing side by side subs will actually give you an additional 6 dB of the audio output in order to increase its sound performance. This output range will definitely make your subwoofer capability double. Another main reason to have 2 subwoofers vs 1 is that they can deliver the flattest sound response which will reach the dips and peaks of the room.

Benefits of multiple subwoofers:

If you are installing a single subwoofer in your room, it will not offer you a better response and the sound capacity will not reach the nooks and corners of the room. In order to get the best sound and bass effects, it is highly suggested using at least 2 or more numbers of subwoofers as per your requirements. Adding another sub in your home theatre room in the different position will be definitely great to get the different frequencies without any subwoofer response errors.

multiple subwoofers

If you are misplaced the subwoofers, the response errors will occur and you will not get the smoother sound quality. Installation of the one sub vs two subs at your home theatre room is an art and you should at least have the basic knowledge on how to place the different subwoofers in the different positions. If you are placing each and every subwoofer in a right position, then you will surely get the smoother sound quality without any errors. If you are hiring a professional, he will tell you how to install the subs in the perfect positions to get your desired audio response.