You might ask, what does a pop filter do? Luckily for you, this article will let you know everything that you wish to know and how to pick out the best pop filter depending on your requirements.

From the name ‘Pop Filters’ we can almost tell exactly what they are used for. They help to lessen or eradicate those popping noises. Whenever we speak and make use of specific letters in our speech, the sound comes along with quick moving air. You will notice this whenever you say words that contain the letters K, P, and, T. Let’s take the word ‘peek’ as an example. While saying the word, you will notice that the air from your mouth is forced out. In this same way, other words that produce this kind of forced air can certainly overpower your microphone, and this eventually results in cutting and deformation of the final output sound, and we surely do not want that. We can also say that pop filters serve as a filter from noise or a microphone shield. It can also lengthen the existence time of your microphone. This article will show you pop filter reviews to help you choose a cheap pop filter, a small pop filter, a studio pop filter and the best pop filter for your microphone.

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Pop Filter Reviews

Auphonix Desktop Pop Filter (MPF-2): Desktop Stand Clamp

Auphonix Desktop Pop Filter (MPF-2)
There is not a lot to say about the Auphonix Desktop Pop Filter (MPF-2) because it stops the majority of the plosive sounds from passing through its filter and it can effortlessly be attached to the stand of your microphone. It is sturdy and reliable, which proves its perfect quality. It stops most of the plosive sounds, but you can still hear lip smacking through the filter. It can also be secured to a desktop stand.


  • You can easily attach it to the stand of your desktop.
  • It is low-priced.


  • The adhesive for the pad came undone on the first day.
  • The arm of the pop filter is not strong enough to keep it in position.

Stedman PS101: Best Pop Filter

Stedman PS101
The Stedman PS101 is one of the cheap pop filters on the market and well worth the price as it serves its main purpose, to eliminate the disturbing popping sounds perfect. It has a rigid structure which is impressive, considering the low estimate. It bends precisely how you want it to. The material of the pop filter can be washed, and you can make use of it over and over again, and that makes it of high value. However, the only limitation that I could notice was the gooseneck’s length. The pop filter can only be pointed to face up, this allows the air to be directed downwards by the metal louvers, and so this puts a limit on the way that the pop filter can be placed. You have to consider the direction of the air flow while setting it up, and in most placements, the air flow is not favored.


  • It is easy on the pockets.
  • The clamp is very firm.
  • The pop filter can be reused after washing.


  • The length of the gooseneck restricts the kind of positioning.

Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1): With Double Mesh Filter Screen

Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1)
The Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1) has a filter that can get fixed to the stand of a mic without much force and it stands firmly. It eliminates every pop sound as I tested it by saying words which had the plosive letters and I didn’t hear a single pop sound which is quite surprising for the low price. It is evident that this product is made of quality materials, and that’s as good as it gets. On the other hand, the gooseneck posed a serious issue because it would not stay in position, and it continues to bend no matter the position you place it.


  • The pop filter is made from materials of superior value.
  • It gets rid of all popping sounds without creating any interference.
  • It is economical.


  • This model may be too big for some customers.
  • The arm of this pop filter is also quite weak.

Nady MPF-6: Convenient and Firm

Nady MPF-6
The Nady MPF-6 is a great pop filter because it has almost no shortcomings. The clamp of this pop filter holds a little firmly, and for a while, it doesn’t move from the exact position which you keep it unless you touch it. It eliminates all popping sounds virtually without distorting your voice or affecting your voice. The arm is also very firm as it stays still and doesn’t move unless you do that. The length of the gooseneck is sufficient enough for it to be positioned. However, it is convenient for you. The structure of the pop filter seems to me like it will be durable and can last a very long time because the material of the screen has been cautiously woven. The design is simple and efficient.


  • The filter material has been created twice as wide as it should be and this means that the nylon material has covered all the sides of the screen.
  • The clamp and bendable arm work without any problems.
  • It gets rid of popping sounds efficiently.


  • The clamp of this pop filter isn’t too firm because it starts to loosen after a while.
  • The Nady MPF-6 is quite weighty.
  • It adds interference.

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL: the Nylon-tipped Clamp

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL
The Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL is a quality pop filter which is worth the amount spent. The screen of the pop filter has been produced with metal, and it allows you to wash it and dry it without any stress, and this gets rid of the saliva.

For one, the screen is made of metal, which makes it easy to wash without having to worry about reducing the lifespan.

The gooseneck is durable and reliable too. It comes with a fantastic stand and rubber stub. The stub is used to ensure that the mic stand does not scratch the filter. The only shortcoming I noticed was that the screen of the pop filter is not strong enough and it doesn’t seem like it would last for very long.


  • It does eliminate almost all the plosives.
  • It manages to hold the screen where you placed it.


  • The screen of the pop filter is too bendable, and that can cause it to tear easily.
  • It is a little more expensive than other pop filters with the same features.

InnoGear Advanced 6-inch: Cheap without Compromising Quality

InnoGear Advanced 6-inch
It serves its purpose correctly; the features do not feel as cheap as the price, and that is an excellent factor. The material of the filter is soft and flexible. The clamp is secure, and it is very easy for newbies to arrange. The base of the clam is also very firm as it does not seem like it will be coming loose anytime soon. The gooseneck is very flexible and bendable. You can position it; however, you want without experiencing any interference. Setting it up might be a bit tricky.


  • The clamp is very firm.
  • Very flexible cord.
  • You can store it without any difficulties.
  • It is cheap.


  • You can only make use of the V clamp, and that is restricting the ways which it can be kept.

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD: Simple and Portable

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD
The Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD is a great pop filter. The material of the pop filter screen is very functional when getting rid of plosive sounds and simultaneously, it does not reduce the clearness of your voice like foam pop filters, and because it is made of metal, you can wash it easily and disinfect it too. However, the gooseneck of this pop filter is extremely short and its limits the kinds of positions in which you can place the pop filter. Another issue with the Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD is that the place of linking is a metal screw which lacks any cushioning and it can destroy the surface of joining.


  • It is small and portable, making it easy to carry around.
  • The attachment bracket is firm and flexible.
  • The material of the screen is effective at eliminating pop sounds.


  • The securing screw pad is locked up by the filter arm end piece.
  • It has no cushioning.

WindTech PopGard 2000: Durable Pop Filter

WindTech PopGard 2000
The WindTech PopGard 2000 is of high quality, and it is well worth the price. The filter is made of plastic and not metal, though it would have been better if it was metal and it serves its purpose well, better than the typical foam pop filters. This pop filter fits well enough on my AT2020. Though, it is still a little loose but the bottom holds it in place, and because you don’t keep touching it, it helps it stay in position. It is a bit more expensive than the other pop filters, but it gives great value for money. It can easily be clipped to various microphones without hassle.


  • It is portable and trails the microphone.
  • Aids to keep dirt off the microphone.
  • It feels strong and durable.


  • High price.
  • The popping sounds can still be heard if you listen carefully.

Buyers Guide

What is the function of a pop filter?

What importance does a pop filter have? Having a microphone pop filter is very beneficial. Pop filters serve two main functions. Its first function as explained before is to get rid of the popping noises caused when saying words that contain letters like P, B, and K. The forced air causes the disruption and breaking of sounds which has been released from your mouth into the microphone. The popping sound also occurs when a person laughs close to the microphone. Microphones with pop filter produce sound filtered of all distracting noises.

The second function of a pop filter is to protect the microphone from the saliva of the singers. The spit is loaded with salt, and the saliva contains acidic content and ultimately reduces the lifespan of the mic. Overall, best pop filters always help to edit the recorded songs simpler, and eventually, it gives you better results.

Do you require a pop filter?

There are a few factors that affect you’re the necessity of a pop filter. If you believe, or if you have noticed that as you make use of the microphone, you have to place it close to your mouth, then it is necessary because as explained above saliva can cause the receiver to have a shorter lifespan. However, if your microphone does not have to sit right in front of you, in a way that you don’t breathe heavily into it or in a way that you will not ‘pop’ straight into it. However, you might like to know that the majority of microphones usually have a pop filter already built inside them, but the functionality of the built-in pop filters is lower than the regular. If you’re also cautious about the quality of your sound, then you might want to purchase a pop filter. Another great thing about having a pop filter is that you do not have to use the studio mic with pop filter alone. It can be used with any form of a recorder.

Do pop filters play a part in reducing background noises?

Pop filters are known to serve the purpose of reducing or eliminating the pop sound that is formed when some letters are used in words. Although with the help of a cardioid automatic configuration, they can assist in reducing background noise but that is not the primary purpose of the pop filters. The screen of the pop filter helps to reduce the surrounding noise and lets only your voice go through the filter, producing a clear sound. There are several cheap pop filters which you can choose from with great goosenecks, firm clamps and are very durable. Regarding all the features of your Pop filter, you only need to be sure of what you need and know if it works well for you, and we all know that the making use of the best products will give you the best outcomes over and over again.