In case you have ended up with a record player that does not have a phono input there is a way to connect it just as good as the one that comes with a total package. I can help you pick out the best receiver for turntable so you can get the most for your budget.

And now making the complicated sound easy. If you are a beginner in the vinyl disks player world the step by step guide will be super fast for you.

How to Connect a Turntable to a Receiver Without a Phono Input

The player recreates a phono output signal only. In order to be reproduced this signal should be converted into line level one. Once it evolves into line level signal it can be reproduced by all kinds of speakers whether cord connected, wireless, USB and what not.

Without this simple formula, you will not be able to listen to your favorite LPs. So how do you start listening to your records without wasting a ton of time on technical manuals? Read on my short guide with simple words.

Step 1

Take the AV transducer you have and carefully examine it for a gramophone input. If you are a beginner, I suggest you also check the manual or look online. If there is no phono input on receiver there is no way it will work for your record player directly.

The receiver with a phono input is vital as the signal of the player is too weak and there will be no way to boost a signal of the turntable. For this, you need a proper transducer.

So what do you do if you have examined the available receiver and haven’t found an input? No need to break the piggy bank. I will tell you how to get your vinyl player and your transducer to work together even without a conventional phono input.

Step 2

Find the gramophone bullet amplifier input. This one is conventionally installed instead of the gramophone input and will do the trick for you.

Once you find the bullet amplifier you will be able to connect turntable to receiver without phono input. Align them together and try tweaking the adjustments and the modes till your LP player and transducer sound amazing together.

Step 3

But what if there is no phono bullet amplifier either? How to hook up turntable to receiver without phono input or bullet amplifier? In this case, I recommend buying an additional external gramophone bullet amplifier. It will serve to align the EP player and the transducer together.

You might wonder if it will be cheaper to get a whole different transducer or if you should just invest into a separate gramophone bullet amplifier? The affordable options come with $100 regular retail price for a single external bullet amplifier.