You probably sometimes thought that your bookshelf or tower speakers lack something: volume, power, etc. And no matter how good they actually are. However, we offer you an idea to complement your main audio system that you most likely didn’t think about: the satellite speakers.

What Are Satellite Speakers And Their Types?

The satellite speakers definition can be designated as the additional, low-power speakers for creating surround sound. It’s a small speaker (6-9 inches tall) reproducing medium and high frequencies.

There are two types of satellite systems – “2.1” and “5.1”. The number before the dot indicates the number of satellites, and the number after the dot indicates the presence of a subwoofer. The 2.1 speakers are designed to play stereo sound, and the 5.1 are designed to play the multi-channel tracks and enhanced audio tracking.

So, it is not hard to guess what does satellite speakers mean: literally, the “satellite” means accompanying the main speakers.
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Satellite Speakers Benefits

  1. Easy-integrated
  2. The first, and probably the most obvious advantage, is their ability to connect to any audio system. If you choose the right models, they can be a great addition to your main speakers.

  3. Compact size
  4. Unlike tower speakers, the satellites can be easily installed on the wall or even on the ceiling.

  5. Design
  6. Since satellite speakers are designed to be as a complement, the creators pay a lot of attention to their design: the set should not only look natural with any audio system but also fit into any interior.

  7. Low Price
  8. Since the satellite speakers are not about power, but about the capacity to improve the quality of sound, their price is obviously lower than any other main speakers. For $50 you can buy good 2.1 satellite speakers, and for $150 you can buy a great 5.1 satellite system.

    What Are The Satellite Speakers Suitable For?

    The correct answer to the question “how do satellite speakers work?” is: they help create the effect of presence and surround sound. Therefore, they can play an important role in your desktop system and go well with your home theater or game consoles.

    For games and movies, it makes sense to consider systems consisting of satellites with a subwoofer.

    If you make the right choice, they will significantly improve your TV or laptop speakers.

    How to Choose The Satellite Speakers

    When choosing a satellite system, you should focus not only on the power of the amp but also on the dimensions of the subwoofer and satellites. Powerful and deep bass is hardly possible from a tiny subwoofer. The satellite cabinet should be solid and massive.

    Two-speaker systems are usually used in the high-quality satellites – one for med frequencies and another one – for reproducing high frequencies.

    However, don’t forget that a major role in choosing a speaker system play your personal feelings about its sound quality. If you don’t like the sound, then you should listen to your instincts, not to the seller’s convictions.

    So now you are more informed on the question “what are satellite speakers” and know how to choose the right ones.