Music and travel are the most popular hobbies across the world. If you like both of them, it is important to have a reliable and handy instrument to travel easily and feel comfortable when playing songs. It is for this reason that you should think of buying the best travel guitar on the market.

There are lots of options to consider. The list below includes 10 excellent guitar models that vary in characteristics. Here, you can get familiar with costly guitars that deliver splendid performance and can be used on stage. Likewise, the list contains a number of cheaper options with medium-quality specifications. These guitars are fit for all players that generally play for themselves or surrounded by friends around a campfire. Whatever is your intention, you are going to look into what a high-quality guitar should look like.

Continue reading to decide on which model has a chance to become your best travel guitar for life.

Travel Guitar Reviews

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Hohner HAG250P

The Hohner HAG250P is a small-sized acoustic guitar that is generally designed for young musicians aged 5 to 8. It combines simplicity and yet high-level specifications that let your kid play exquisitely in front of an audience.

The body is solid and sturdy and has a classic styling. The strings are made of nylon and deliver amazing sound. The guitar boasts good playability thanks to the smooth fret as well as easy-to-play neck shape. There are top-level built-in tuners that help adjust the tone easily. The guitar remains in tune for 2 days.

My advice is to buy the Hohner HAG250P if your child takes music lessons. The guitar is compact and absolutely handy. These features are fundamental to help your kid develop musicianship skills quickly.


  • The budget is entry-level.
  • The guitar is fit for practice only.


  • The nut is made of plastic.

Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ Acoustic/Electric

Traveler Guitar AG

This Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ is a handy and easy to use a guitar that suits all players looking for versatility and simplicity of use.

The traveling guitar is shorter and lighter than a standard full-scale guitar and allows you to comfortably perform outdoors as well as on stage. It is both electric and acoustic at a time. The built-in battery makes it compact and easily portable. The instrument is also equipped with a tuner that runs on battery power. The tuner is followed by three LED lights that help you check whether you hit the notes correctly. The guitar boasts a modified bracing pattern that boosts the volume and enhanced the quality of sound.

The main advantage of the AG-105EQ guitar is that you can use it with the headphones. The sound will be extremely quiet, but you will hear it distinctly and loudly. This feature is of great value to all musicians that do not want to disturb the people around when rehearsing in public places.

The item comes with an exceptionally nice gig bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.

I recommend buying the Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ if you’re searching for a convenient and multifunctional guitar that could be usable in any environment.


  • The guitar is sold at an affordable price.
  • It has a 1/8-Inch aux-in for jamming with your mp3 player.


  • You will need to loosen the strings to replace the battery.

Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLG200S

If you are a Yamaha buff, this Yamaha traveler guitar would live up to all of your biggest expectations.

The guitar has a one-of-a-kind stylish design that envisages all types of applications, such as travel, practice, or stage use. It provides optimal performance and lets you regulate the volume level and tone. Though the Yamaha SLG200S is not acoustic, it can imitate the natural tone that does not differ a lot from the acoustic sound. The instrument is equipped with an SRT power boost. This pickup system will help you achieve the perfect playing by using different on-board effects. Another SRT advantage is that you can create a unique sounding and tailor the performance to your own vision of playing. The guitar’s volume is adjustable so that you can play late at night or in the room where someone should not be distracted.

In spite of its unique design, the Yamaha guitar is easy to play because it is ultra-light and feels good. The item comes in three natural colors and with a luxury gig bag for comfortable transportation.

I would call it one of the best travel guitars for guitarists that value the authentic woody sound of an acoustic guitar.


  • The guitar offers the maximum of flexibility.


  • The price is extremely high.

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar

Martin Steel String

This Martin model is probably the smallest travel guitar on the market and fits all regular travelers. Whatever mode of transport you choose, the Martin Steel String guitar is extremely compact and easy to carry.

The design is focused on providing the user with extreme comfort without impairing the quality of sound. The guitar boasts high-quality strings that produce a phenomenal loud sound. Its unique contour neck shape allows for a comfortable grip when playing. Though it is a bit heavy than the guitar’s body, it won’t affect your manner of playing. The fretboard provides a solid feel and helps you perform transitions easily.

The item comes with a padded carrying bag that minimizes the load on your back while traveling.

My recommendation is to go with the Martin travel guitar when you travel actively. Its small size allows carrying it as carry-on luggage and will spare you from lots of check-in and baggage problems.


  • The price point is medium and completely fits the bill.


  • The body shape also restricts anchoring.
  • Strap is not included.

Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top

Martin LXK2 Little

The Martin LXK2 suits both young and mature guitar players. The Martin is a bit shorter than a standard Martin guitar but still offers a set of basic advantages that a typical guitarist seeks to get.

The Martin LXK2 design features the high-pressure laminate body. It is not that solid wood you expect to see, but it is sustainable and invulnerable to breakdown while you travel. The key feature, however, is the patented neck mortise. The guitar delivers a clean and well-balanced sound and has a defined low response.

The Martin LXK2 guitar is 3 inches shorter than a standard Martin and comes in one natural wood color.

My verdict is that the item is of medium quality, and it seems that the biggest advantage of the Martin LXK2 is affordability. If you have a small budget but no time to save up for a more costly guitar, this Martin will perfectly fit this role. Likewise, it is a good alternative to your expensive guitar that you have at home and which you do not want to take with you on a trip.


  • The price is budget-friendly.


  • The guitar has no single piece of natural materials.
  • Projection is minimal.

Martin LXM Little Martin

Martin LXM Little

This Martin LXM has a lot in common with the previous model but is still a good choice for players that look for a good travel acoustic guitar.

Here, the body is not made of natural materials either because Martin chose Spruce and Mahogany patterned HPL. You shouldn’t get upset though. The guitar delivers amazing performance and produces crystal clear sound. It is also equipped with high-level tuners that will help you find the perfect tone. The strings are high-class steel and promise long service. They are soft enough to move your hand easily along the neck.

The Martin LXM is fit to play all types of music styles. Its natural acoustic sound will show all the beauty and mastery of your guitar playing.

My point is that it is a portable acoustic guitar that won’t be a burden on your trips. If you do not intend to spend a lot, the Martin LXM could be an excellent buying decision.


  • The price point is average.


  • The guitar does not have a carrying bag.
  • Projection is minimal.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Taylor BT2 Baby

The ¾ sized Taylor travel guitar is a perfect choice for all buyers who cannot afford a costly Yamaha. It is versatile, easy to use, and fit to travel as well as stage applications.

The body has the laminated sides and back and boasts a mahogany top that makes the guitar look classic and stylish at a time. This unusual design does not prevent the Taylor BT2 Baby from having a pleasant and soft tone. The guitar’s sound quality is good and loud enough to be used outdoors. In spite of its small size, the Taylor playability remains excellent and lets you perform subtle arpeggios and chords without difficulty.

Other Taylor’s advantages include die cast tuners as well as a revolutionary bracing technique that allows for reaching flawless sounding. The instrument does not require any setup. The guitar is lightweight and compact. It comes with a padded gig bag that will be of great use while traveling.

In my opinion, this Taylor BT2 Baby is equally suited to both beginner and professional players. If you are looking for a top-level acoustic guitar, this one is attractive in terms of both usability and price.


  • The guitar has a nice, crisp mid-to-high range sound.
  • The ebony fretboard is smooth and the frets are well polished.


  • The bass tone is a bit muddy.
  • Projection is minimal.

Luna Safari Series 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar

Luna Safari Series

This Luna Safari backpack guitar has every chance to be called the top model on this list.

The body is made of mahogany wood and features a Celtic laser etching around the soundhole. The guitar is small-sized but still good at delivering powerful and room-filling sound. The Luna has an adjustable truss rod that allows for easy setup and adjustment of strings. The built-in sealed die cast tuners are designed to help you achieve perfect playing. The guitar delivers a nice full tone and allows using it to play in different music styles.

The Luna Safari guitar’s principal advantage is portability and compactness. It is light and convenient to carry around when you are on a trip. The item is followed by a gig bag without padding that will ease the difficulties of guitar transportation while traveling.

I recommend buying this guitar if you travel on a regular basis and need a portable and well-built instrument to perform on stage or for your friends.


  • The price point is the cheapest on the list and affordable for any buyer.


  • The guitar does not stay in tune for more than 1 to 2 days at a time.
  • Projection is minimal.

SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar Portable

SX Trav 1

The SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar is another attractive option for all musicians that look for a portable full-sized instrument that produces great sound.

The design is simple and focused on providing maximum functionality. The body consists of a solid spruce top and laminated back and sides. This combination results in well-defined mid-tones and good sound projection. The entire guitar is made of mahogany hardwood that features amazing sturdiness but does not make the instrument heavy. The nut and saddle are both made of nubone that adds more resistance to string buzz. This is why the SX Trav 1 sound is soft and pleasing to the ear.

The guitar does not boast extreme sound power or excellent bass response. Yet, its performance is decent and fit for all musicians that like traveling and singing songs occasionally around a bonfire in front of a small audience. The item comes with a padded gig bag that has a shoulder strap.

I’d say that the SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar can be your wise decision if your intention is to get a compact and high-quality instrument to accompany you on a trip.


  • The price point is extremely low.
  • The neck is straight and feels very comfortable.


  • The guitar is not fit to use on stage.
  • Projection is minimal.

Fender CT-60S Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

Fender CT-60S

The Fender CT-60S features a brand new design that delivers flawless sound and provides its owner with maximum comfort on stage.

The Fender guitar is remarkable for an ideal 23.5-inch length that suits both young and mature players. The body is made of a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The neck shape is easy-to-play and ensures a soft and convenient grip. The fret is smooth and allows for easy transitions. The strings are of good quality and produce well-defined sound without the buzz.

The item comes in two colors, natural, and sunburst. It is followed by a hard case that will help you in carrying the guitar around.

My point is that the Fender CT-60S is a reasonable choice for all guitar players that prefer having a full-size but lightweight guitar with them on a trip.


  • The price point is low.


  • The sound is a little hollow and echoey on the bass end.
  • Projection is minimal.

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Travel Guitar?

When speaking about travel guitars and their intended use, it should be mentioned that their name actually reveals their purpose. Obviously, travel guitar is a musical instrument that can be easily carried while traveling. Their extreme portability is usually achieved by reducing the length of their body but not cutting the scale length. However, there can still be some models having both reduced body and slightly reduced scale length. However, manufacturers of travel guitars tend to make a strong emphasis on materials, as they should look solid and resistant to temperature. At the same time, such precious materials as rosewood or mahogany are rarely picked for travel guitar construction as they are too expensive to be put at risk because all travels are so unpredictable. Also, traveling guitars should be also resistant to climate changes as you can never expect calm weather throughout your tour. Overall, travel guitars are very similar to traditional ones in their sound properties, though they differ significantly in terms of design.

How to Travel with a Guitar?

Even if you are a lucky owner of a good travel guitar, it can be still very challenging for you to feel comfortable in your tour or journey with this wonderful musical instrument always at hand. The more challenging task even is to keep it safe throughout your travel as well as preserve its amazing sound. These are some effective tips that need to be followed if you want to avoid the necessity to buy a new guitar in the middle of your trip:

  • Always loosen the guitar’s strings while traveling. The thing is that temperature and pressure never remain the same during your journey (especially if we are talking about flights) so your strings are expected to change their tension too. So, loosen the strings fully to prevent them from breaking.
  • Always stuff guitars carefully in the bag. You will want to give it some extra padding with a couple of T-shirts and or towels to keep them safe.
  • Buy a reliable guitar case in order to increase the protection of your guitar.
  • Opt for a travel guitar just as a good alternative to your traditional one and feel the benefits of this product during your journey.

What Specs should a Good Travel Guitar Have?

Out of a thousand guitars on the market, it is really hard to find an ideal one. These are some basic criteria you should consider before making the buying decision.

Compactness. A small-sized instrument is a huge advantage when it comes to travel. You won’t have to waste your time at the airport check-in as well as feel comfortable when using the subway. If you do not spend more than 3 days in one place, a small scale is the first requirement for your instrument.

Durability. Travelers are always on the move. So you need to be sure that your guitar won’t break down in case you accidentally fall. Opt for models that are entirely made of wood.

Sound power. If you are a professional musician, it is obvious that you need a high-level instrument that will sound loudly on stage. By contrast, if you like playing the guitar at home, especially when you share the room with somebody, you should look for models that have volume level control as well as can be used through headphones. This will help you exercise whenever you want without causing any trouble to your roommates.