Searching for a kids karaoke machine, one might get perplexed, as the choice is plenty and specs are good in most of the products. However, not all of them will be good for a specific child.

Before settling on a particular model, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Child’s age. Sound and light effects, need for audio enhancing techs, portability will be of different importance for a 3-year old and a teenager.
  • Place where the karaoke will be used. There are devices for small and large rooms and even outdoor parties.
  • How many kids will be playing with the karaoke? This determines the number of mics and their desired sturdiness.

Answering these questions, you’ll narrow your search area. Yet, that’s not all, as the specs of the fun game itself come into the light. The most important are the following:

  • Power. A corded or battery-powered model (and if the charging cable / battery is supplied).
  • Mic and speaker quality. While kids aren’t as demanding as adults for this factor, they would enjoy a rich spacious sound from their karaoke box.
  • Way of music loading. While the CDs might seem outdated, the toddlers would enjoy tackling them in and making the music play. Some compositions already preloaded will let try the gadget out-of-the-box.
  • Light and sound effects. Flashing colorful lights, applause, or triumphant music sound will be appreciated by kids of different ages. Still, more grown-up boys might dislike too fussy a toy; so, the boys karaoke machine could be a bit austere.

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Kids Karaoke Machine Reviews

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VTech Kidi Star Kids karaoke machine

VTech Kidi Star Kids karaoke machine

Colorful and bright outlook, integrated games, sound effects, and recording option make this product claim the title of the best karaoke machine for kids. Yet, featuring only cable connection for the mic, it has its limits for those children who like to dance when singing.

The mic is of good quality emitting clean sound without distorting the voice. It picks and reproduces the highs and mids well, while lows seem a bit thin.

The stand features many entertaining techs and kid-friendly controls. The voice in the music compositions can be lowered or hushed up in order to leave the pure music and the little singer’s voice. The fun center has eight preloaded singing compositions, while it’s compatible with different OS and can be hooked up to a smartphone or a tablet to stream the audio files.

The entertainment section offers six different games and the voice modification tech letting sing like a Disney character. The performance of this VTech Kidi Star karaoke machine can be recorded (audio length up to five minutes).

The stand can be adjusted by height making a good fit for children of different ages and heights. The stand is offered in different color modes, black and pink. It makes a versatile and attractive karaoke machine for kids of different ages and sex.


  • Auto turning off upon idling period.
  • Disco ball light flashes with different colors enlivening the performance.
  • It offers a special holder for a smartphone or notebook with the lyrics.


  • Only one mic with a short cable is supplied.
  • The stand feels a bit flimsy at full height due to the heavy top part.

Video VTech Kidi Star Kids karaoke machine

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine

Wireless streaming and mic connection, multiple on-the-mic controls, and vocals hushing technology don’t represent the full set of features offered by this kids karaoke machine. Its only negative is a high price, which doubles most of the competitor models’ cost.

With two 5W speakers, this karaoke stage produces a high-definition stereo sound, with natural lifelike voices, vast frequency, and sensitivity range. The vocals and instrumentals sound rich, spacious and precise, without distortion or delay.

The two microphones are wireless and connect well at as much as 10 ft enabling the singers to move freely around without risking to tangle their cords. The microphones have the built-in sound effects controlled by buttons, and the echo mode, as well as separate volume control. There is also a voice modifying game letting play various games and have fun.

This music box could also claim the title of the top kids karaoke machine with Bluetooth. The latter features a wide active zone and lets streaming the audio instantly and in high quality. Other connectivity options include the USB connection / flash drive and SD card. There is also a safe holder for the connected smartphone or tablet to put it on the front and read lyrics from the screen.


  • Integrated tech mutes the vocal part of the composition letting sing to any song without the dedicated app.
  • Diversified playback controls matching those on the professional audio equipment.
  • “Grown-up” boombox design and gold coating make the device attractive to teenagers.


  • The volume control slider has a rather small sliding space and doesn’t provide sensitive regulation.
  • Rather heavy, not for singing-on-the-go.

HowQ Karaoke Speaker Portable

HowQ Karaoke Speaker Portable

Unusual design, multiple connectivity options, and enhanced stereo sound make this fun center a hit among girl karaoke machines. Still, as the product is advertised as an outdoor speaker and is resistant to water, it isn’t waterproof; so, for beach / outdoor rainy day activities, a protective cover is needed.

The fun center features quite a decent sound for throwing a kid’s party. The voice comes out clear, with plenty of detail and little coloration, soft and rich. Good range of frequency response (up to 18 kHz) lets reproduce the high-pitched children’s voices without distortion.

The device foresees numerous connectivity options. It can serve as a speaker for music listening, a phone speaker (for answering calls), a karaoke center, an FM speaker. The audio can be sent via Bluetooth, AUX port, USB, TF card, and AM/FM tuner to enable diverse indoor and outdoor activities.

Weighing just under 2 pounds, the karaoke stage is highly portable. It features a rechargeable Lithium power bank enough to continuous listening within 4 hours. Charging can be performed via a USB cord and takes little time. This karaoke machine is designed as a backpack, but not many things will fit in a bag. It is great for storing different small things like a smartphone, USB AUX cable, memory card, etc. The practical tune brings great value and makes it stand out among other pink karaoke machines.


  • Solid confident bass heard clearly within 30 ft range.
  • Bluetooth plays steadily and lag-less within 20 ft.
  • The microphone has an onboard on/off switch.


  • No mic holder / storage place. The mic will not fit into the bag, it should be stored separately to the backpack.
  • No instruction and it is really hard to understand how to make everything work. Sometimes, you have to push a button once, sometimes, you have to push it longer to activate another feature. I had to google everything.

eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth Portable MP3 Karaoke

eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth Portable MP3 Karaoke

The sing-on-the-go design and hours of audio file storage make this Disney karaoke machine an entry to any teenager’s wish-list. However, a slight microphone lag could become an issue for the most demanding young music lovers.

Other than that, the mic is of a good quality and relays the sound well The voice sounds soft enough, with good detailed mids and if a bit muffled highs. The speaker features a decent driver letting use the device as a boombox.

The karaoke center is well compatible with different smart gadgets that work on Android and iOS as well and can stream the music right away, without noticeable lag. Still, even if the Internet isn’t available, the audio files can be loaded and stored in the built-in memory. The songs can be recorded while the young singer is performing.

The singing center is accompanied by LED lights that beam with different colors and make singing alike to a real show. The Frozen 2 image on the front of the machine renders its high popularity among young girls. This Frozen karaoke machine is very lightweight having just over 2.5 pounds and can be easily carried along even by the youngest ones.


  • USB port lets play the MP3 files through the center or use the flash drive as additional storage.
  • Handy onboard mic holder and a closed compartment for the USB cable.
  • Long mic cable allows moving along freely while performing.


  • The microphone jack doesn’t feel sturdy.
  • The display is very small and non-readable at distance.

Earise T29 Karaoke

Earise T29 Karaoke

Various entertainment technologies, high-quality Bluetooth, and remote control make this karaoke toy a center of any kids’ party. Still, the onboard controls are managed by a few buttons and require manual browsing, which might become irritating for impatient kids.

The sound of both mics and speaker is of a good-quality, while the sensitivity isn’t too high. At a moderate volume, the voices sound clear and the mids are sharply outlined both for vocals and instrumentals. The frequency range goes between 90 Hz and 20 kHz, catching and reproducing a lot of details.

The karaoke center can play the music via Bluetooth, from AUX-connected sources, and from USB devices / flash drive. The Bluetooth pairs and maintains good synchronization within 33 ft around the device. For kids’ entertainment, the voice changing can be played transforming the children’s voices into the robotic or a baby one, make them sound male or female or a magic character. Bright LED lights help make the ambiance a true show or a fairy tale performance.

The speaker isn’t as lightweight as some competing models but feels very solid. The plastic and the knobs / buttons are sturdy and easy to grasp and operate. Overall, this is a high-quality kids karaoke machine with 2 microphones, fit for toddlers and teenagers likewise.


  • Voice control is enabled in the Bluetooth mode.
  • Large Li-Ion battery lets play the music within 6 hours or more.
  • The voice modifier is activated from the mic.
  • It has a carrying strap.


  • No volume controls on the mics.
  • Reverberation effect comes as default and requires digging into the manual to turn it off.

Kidzlane Karaoke Machine

Kidzlane Karaoke Machine

The separate controls for each singer, versatile connections, power options, and solid build make this product a good choice of karaoke for kids. Meanwhile, the absence of light accompaniment might make this model less attractive in comparison to some competitors.

Both mics on this music-and-singing center provide good sound; still, the static can be intercepted at certain mic / cable positions. Other than that, the voices are transmitted clearly and the tonality is maintained well. The music flows lag-less and can get quite loud.

The device allows for various connectivity options to stream music. There are USB and AUX connections and fast-working Bluetooth. The music center also lets listen to FM radio or sing along with it.

Each microphone has the on/off button enabling the performers to tune their volume separately. All the buttons are big enough and simple to navigate, with comprehensive symbols and inscriptions. The LED screen shows the current action performed.

The Kidzlane karaoke can be used on-the-go, as it features the integrated anti-skip technology. The fun center is made of durable nice-to-touch plastic and can be charged through the standard USB cord or by AA cells.


  • High-capacity inner storage can be extended via using the flash drive / SD card.
  • Sturdy non-slip mic holders.
  • Coiled mic cables are highly flexible and non-tangling.


  • By default, Bluetooth is used every time you turn the machine on (not the last source used).
  • No headphone jack / BT pairing.

Video Kidzlane Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Kids Karaoke

Singing Machine Kid's Pedestal Kids Karaoke

High portability and versatile adjustment options, along with the simplicity of use let set this device as the best kids karaoke machine. Still, its small recording memory might not fit for the children that prefer to hear to their performance multiple times and compare one song to another.

This karaoke system provides good audio quality for both mic input and speaker output. The mids and lows are well balanced, and the highs are clear even at a high volume. The voice is transmitted in a natural way, without noticeable coloring and interference-free.

The height of the gadget is adjustable making it accessible even to 1-year old kids. Besides, the mic’s wire lets the teenagers and adults use the center as well. The main block is removable and can be carried along to another room or even to a friends’ house. In this case, C-type batteries are needed, while the stand is connected to the circuit through the cable.

The kid’s karaoke has blinking lights to animate the performance and offers the voice changing game with six different effects. Children of all ages would enjoy experimenting with the male and female voices as well as robot’s one and other effects.


  • Good Bluetooth connection, easy to pair with any OS.
  • Big secure holder to put a tablet in and read the lyrics from.
  • Good size and shape of the buttons and dials; simple controls.


  • No separate volume control for each microphone.
  • Mic plugs are flimsy and are of a non-standard size.

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

The versatile effects, ways of interaction, and high quality make this cool kids karaoke a great present to any child from 2 years old. Still, the absence of wireless connectivity might become a deal-breaker for those who don’t like fiddle with cables.

The mics and the speaker on this set convey high-quality audio, with distinct voice details. The microphones pick up a wide range of tones and detail and send it out without distortion or delay.

The karaoke stage can be used by children of different age and height, as the stand is adjustable from 18 to 40 inches. Besides, the mic propping tube can be removed, and the stage can be carried along by the extendable handle.

The Little Pretender kids karaoke machine interacts with singers in different ways. It lets the child sing alone or with built-in songs, sing to connected audio files and karaoke apps via smartphone or tablet (the AUX cable is included). Besides, the little singer can activate the funny tunes and applause sound by pressing the foot pedals. The performance is accompanied by bright colorful lights creating the show stage effect.


  • Mic props for both full-height and on-the-table performance.
  • Batteries-powered, it doesn’t depend on the outlet.
  • It doesn’t have dozens of buttons, there is one turn knob that turns the karaoke on and let adjust the volume.
  • Four AA batteries are included in the kit.


  • The sound quality deteriorates quickly if the mic isn’t close to the mouth.
  • No recording option.

Buyer’s Guide

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Selecting the Best Kids Karaoke

Selecting the Best Kids Karaoke
Choosing a toy for a kid is completely different from the usual shopping. Kids have their own priorities; so, when selecting a karaoke machine for kids, try thinking as a child. Look at the models and think over the following points.

  • Durability. If the device has buttons, they will be pressed many times. If there are cords, they will be twisted and plugged in and out (if possible). The mic might be fought over. This means the karaoke set must be well-assembled and made of quality materials.
  • Entertainment options. Flashing multi-colored LED lights, voice changing options, and a burst of applause upon each song mean much more for a child than the clarity of sound or richness of bass.
  • Comfort of use. Extendable stand, mic holders, large comprehensive controls, storage compartments, fast pairing / connection to a smartphone will let get straight to singing — and have the most fun.

Those features don’t make the full list, however. To make a dream gift, consider the next factors as well.

Child’s Age

The age is a landmark feature determining the direction of your search for a perfect karaoke for kids. The two-year old’ needs differ from those of a 12-year old. Check the next features keeping in mind the age of the child:

  • Height. The control panel and screen (if available) should be well visible to the kid and handy to operate.
  • Weight. Too lightweight models might be easily knocked over by toddlers, while more grown-up kids would appreciate the portability.
  • Color and appearance. The teenager might repel too childish design, while an austere outlook without flashing lights would bring less fun to the youngest ones.
  • Controls size and way of usage. The stiff knobs or too small buttons might be OK for 8-year old but will require parents’ help for smaller kids.
  • Number of microphones. If you plan on bringing a toy in the home with two or more kids or for a kids’ party, the additional mic is a must-have.

Machine Features

The various specs of the karaoke center might become a deal-breaker or make the device a favorite one. When narrowing the choice to five-ten toys, make a summary breakdown of their specs and check the following ones:

  • Recording feature. It might be absent in toddler karaoke machines, but a teenager would definitely like the possibility to hear his or her sound.
  • Built-in memory. Having some 50 songs onboard means singing or listening even if there’s nothing to stream from (flat smartphone battery, broken Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Powering options. For any type of power used by the specific machine, make sure there is sufficient appliance to feed it. Buy the AA batteries or a USB power adaptor if needed.
  • Sound quality. For playing with siblings or friends, the sound can be just OK. However, for young performers aiming to develop their talent the clear natural reproduction will be a step ahead.

Portability Options

Portability is important for kids moving along a lot. A party at a friends’ house, singing on a picnic, etc. Considering the portability, mark the next features of the toy:

  • Size and weight. Long stands or heavy boxes aren’t much joy to carry around. Meanwhile, too lightweight models might require being positioned on a desk or a platform to prevent being knocked over during performance.
  • Power. The power cell option is perfect for carrying the fun center along. Ensure it has enough capacity to play within hours or as much as the kid will need.
  • Case and holders. For carrying the box, its components must be secured in the dedicated places. Check that the mics don’t fall out the holders and if the compartment lid on the back doesn’t get off. The protective case would be great.
  • Handle. The non-slipping handle small enough for a child to close the fingers on will prevent many accidents while carrying the karaoke stage along. Some models feature additionals carrying appliances like a strap.