An amplifier is a high-tech device that requires proper connection and, sometimes, additional configuration. By the way, you can choose the best RCA cables from the list to connect an amp to your device easily.

The RCA cables handle both video and audio transmission. This cable has long been used to connect VCRs, DVDs, and other devices to speakers or amplifiers. They look like this: at the end, they are divided into 2 connectors. One is usually red and plugs into the right stereo and the left one is black (in some cases it’s white).

Since most amplifiers have RCA connectors, RCA cables are used to connect them, and RCA splitters are used to split them so you can use several amplifiers simultaneously.

However, when connecting multiple speakers to an amplifier some issues may arise. The most common issue is audio out of sync. The sound coming from one of the speakers becomes delayed. At the same time, the sound from the other speaker is played back faster. This can happen because the speakers’ output connectors are polarized differently. So today you will know how to split RCA for multiple amps and avoid such troubles.
Thus, how splitting the audio signal to two amps can help? Well, the most important thing is that you can connect several speakers, amps, and other devices to your device at the same time.

That is when an RCA splitter for an amp comes in handy. This adapter is Y-shaped. Accordingly, you insert connectors into two holes and the adapter itself into the amplifier. An RCA splitter for car audio looks the same as for everyday use.

With 2 RCA adapters, you can connect up to two amplifiers at once. It’s also easy to use and connect, so now we’ll show you how to split RCA audio cables.

How Do I Split My RCA for Multiple Amps?

Now when you know about this adapter, you should be able to split the RCA cable without difficulty. To accomplish this, we recommend the following steps:

  1. First, turn off the amp and unplug the cables from the connectors.
  2. The next step of splitting RCA cables is to correctly connect the RCA cable to the splitters. To do this, you need two RCA splitters with a 1-female and 2-male configuration. Connect the white or black end of an RCA cable to a female connector of the first splitter. The red end you should connect to the female connector of the second splitter.
  3. After that, you will get two pairs of RCA ends.
  4. Now it is enough to connect one pair to one amplifier, and the second pair to another.
  5. You may connect the RCA splitter for car audio in the same way.

The Y-shaped splitter is just one of the options. This adapter may have multiple inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect up to 10 amplifiers or speakers. However, you will require more than one RCA cable for this.

You can try other ways as well, such as using the online output converter. It will also be sufficient to connect it to an RCA cable, after which you may connect two amps.

This way also allows you to split RCA to two amps without much difficulty. An online output converter looks like a box. It is also simple to use. Simply connect the RCA cable to one end. The connectors are color-coded like an RCA cable, making it simple to determine which wire goes where. On the other side, connect the amplifiers. Now that you know the two main ways of splitting an audio signal into two amps, it won’t be a problem for you.